Why We Love or Hate Apple and Swiss Army Knives: Study Finds Three Keys to Brand Affinity

This article was originally published on medicaldaily.com

According to a recent study, brand attachment is achieved by appealing to people’s aesthetic, functional, and spiritual needs. Marketers who want to build emotional affinity for their brands, then, need to appeal to consumers on three fronts – enticement, enablement, and enrichment.

“There are many cases these days where people are very adverse to certain brands. This is a serious issue,” said C. Whan Park, professor of marketing. “Why people become so antagonistic toward a brand is based on these three reasons, when it displeases them aesthetically or doesn’t help them solve their daily problems or is contrary to their personal beliefs.”

To test their attachment-aversion model, researchers from USC Marshall School of Business developed the four-item scale of the attachment-aversion measure and conducted three studies, assessing consumer purchasing behavior over time, based on carefully chosen products. Read the full article