Where Do I Tell My Story?

Source: trendland.net

The nature of our increasingly connected world has undeniably changed the way that people interact with each other and view themselves. We have seen examples, not only in advertising but also in global economics and politics, of how one opinion can swell into a movement through word-of-mouth sent via text and video. Digital communication is now a table stakes. It’s not a question of will you have a digital component to your business or campaign, but rather how you will use this platform to move your brand towards being a Lovemark. Now that we’re all sitting comfortable on the digital boat, where do we go from here?

The answer to that question lies in transmedia storytelling. We’ve already got the hardware sorted in technological advancement so its time to buckle down and focus on the craft of creating stories that incite strong emotional connections. The combination of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy, along with the concept of Participation and the characteristics of the Age of Now can be used as a guideline to create successful integrated campaigns. It’s the craft of creating stories that create emotion, allow interaction and encourage sharing that will create Lovemarks. These stories connect on-screen, in-store, indoors, outdoors; there are no rules in delivery as long as they share the same purpose and build on a coherent narrative to drive the brand towards achieving High Respect and High Love.

The relationship between Lovemarks and integrated storytelling can be described as such:


The elements:

Mystery: It’s the magic of search, the pull of discovery. It’s seeing things you have seen so many times before in a brand new way. The phenomenon of technology allows us to experience stories in a variety formats that reveal different facets and emotions of the same idea.

Sensuality: Reaching all the senses creates messaging that builds upon itself. The result is an audience that has a clearer concept of who the brand is and how it makes them feel.

Intimacy: Everybody wants to be understood and accepted for who they truly are. A Lovemark understands the dreams, desires and struggles of its audience and allows its advocates to understand its brand journey in return. A strong relationship requires a give and take of trust and revelation.

Participation: Allow your audience to be part of the story. Allow them to participate with others. Society is increasingly fragmented but the need to be a part of something bigger is deeply ingrained in the human psyche.

Now: There is great satisfaction in seeing immediate results, and that in return encourages people to share the experience with others. Provide mechanisms for this to happen in an intuitive way.

Let’s apply the above formula to a selection of winning integrated campaigns from the CLIO 2011 awards:

Norte Beer – The Best Excuse Ever

  • Mystery: A drink is transformed into a good deed.
  • Sensuality: The good deeds create effects that can be physically experienced; i.e cleaner parks.
  • Intimacy: Draws its premise from issues that people in intimate relationships can identify with.
  • Participation: Individual beer drinkers are able to be a part of a movement.
  • NOW: The minutes of good deeds earned are calculated and viewed in real time.

Jay-Z and Bing ‘Decode Jay-Z with Bing’

  • Mystery: Creates the opportunity to re-discover traditional media through new mediums.
  • Sensuality: Texts from the book are applied on unusual surfaces, from burger wrappers to the bottom of a pool, as well as interactive billboards.
  • Intimacy: Live your own version of Decoded through experiencing the locations and things referred to in the book.
  • Participation: It’s a game and a journey.
  • NOW: The ability to put together the story in the moment.

Billboard Music ‘See What It’s Made Of’

  • Mystery: What first appear as dots are actually faces.
  • Sensuality: It’s digital art, playing with color and form for fun.
  • Intimacy: It is about who you are, what you like and what has influenced you.
  • Participation: Create an image of yourself through interacting with displays.
  • NOW: Post your images online and share them immediately.