Turn It Up: That’s My Song in That Ad

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Popular music in advertising can affect attention, recall, and purchase intention. However, relatively little is known about its effect on attitude when the song in the ad is a favourite song. This study looked at the effect of various and actual integrations of popular music on attitude towards an ad, brand and artist in television commercials in general, and when one’s favourite song. Three commercials with foreground music were selected to stimulate the discussion of popular music in advertising by representing three integrations of popular music in television advertising: original vocals and lyrics (OV), original instrumental (OI), and altered original vocals and lyrics (AV). This study found high likeability for song, artist and brand in general, and in particular, when the song and artist were considered in terms of being favourites. This study also found that favourite song genres were evenly divided between classic rock, pop, and hip hop, with justifications for it being one’s favourite primarily based upon the song qualities (e.g., beat). Finally, consistent with prior research (Janata, et al. 2007), the autobiographical memory triggered by one’s favourite song was overwhelmingly a positive emotion and memory. Based on these results it is recommended to advertisers that for younger demographics (in this case 18-22) using favourite songs can have positive results.