The Lovemarks Effect: Winning in the Consumer Revolution

Art Direction by Anna Brown; Design by Anna Brown & Sarah Maxey

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In this follow up book to Lovemarks: the Future Beyond Brands, the voices of consumers, owners, and marketers show the impact of Lovemarks on their lives, their businesses, and their aspirations. The Lovemarks Effect offers instruction and inspiration about creating emotional connections and winning in a consumer-empowered “attraction economy”. How consumers feel about you—their emotional connection to you—is what determines success now.

Contributors include marketing maverick Tom Peters, Nobel physicist Arno Penzias, New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell, designer Mary Quant and Toyota engineer Inoue Masao. From the world of fast moving consumer goods, comes interviews with Procter & Gamble’s Jim Stengel and Wal-Mart’s John Fleming. CEOs from world-winning brands such as Victorinox®, Diesel, Tiffany & Co., Aveda, Montblanc, Bennetton and Lonely Planet share unique stories about the potential of Lovemarks, and the power of Loyalty Beyond Reason.

The Lovemarks Effect also showcases the findings of QiQ International’s Lovemarks research in a 12-page feature. The study validates the cornerstone qualities that help to make a brand a Lovemark, and finds there is conclusive evidence that creating a Lovemark will increase sales, preference and usage. From the aisles of the in-store experience to the power of sustainable enterprise, from Lovemarks research to consumer stories, The Lovemarks Effect is a joyride through the evolving business landscape.

8 x 9.75 inches
272 pages
Four-color and photographs and illustrations
ISBN: 1-57687-267-X
Retail Price: US$29.95
Published 2006
powerHouse Books

Co-editions available in:
Germany (Mi-Fach Verlag)
Italy (Franco Angeli)
Korea (Seodole)
New Zealand (Reed)