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Explaining Love of Wine Brands

When it comes to brand love of wine, does customer expertise have an influence on degree of satisfaction and loyalty? This article from a special issue of the ‘Journal of Promotion Marketing’ explores.

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Consumer-Retailer Emotional Attachment: Some Antecedents and the Moderating Role of Attachment Anxiety

This study investigates the creation of consumer loyalty through the development of affectionate bonds in the context of grocery store retailing. Consumers’ self-enrichment, self-gratification and self-enablement were found to likely influence emotional attachment.

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Brand Love: Conceptualisation and Measurement

Dimensions of interpersonal love appear to be linked to the love respondents have for a brand. This paper, which studies French consumers, shows that love for a brand has many similarities to love between people.

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Delight by Design: The Role of Hedonic Versus Utilitarian Benefits

Achieving customer delight rather than just satisfaction should be the aim of marketers, according to this paper by Chitturi et al (2008). Exciting and delighting consumers invokes deeper emotional responses, which help build greater brand loyalty and repurchase intention.

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Some Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Love

Exploring brand love, Carroll and Ahuvia (2006) find that it is greatest for brands which are more hedonic and provide more symbolic benefits. Brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth are also associated with a consumer’s love of a brand.