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Using Personalization to Create Timelessness

A timeless Lovemark lasts through the ages. A Fad is in demand only for a moment. One way to create timelessness for a brand is to provide the customer the ability to create their own brand story through personalized service, products and delivery.

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Beyond Commodities Into Brands: Starbucks and Burberry

All brands are born as commodities. Around the world there are many cups of coffees, pairs of running shoes and computer chips, but only some are recognized as being Starbucks, Nike and Intel. For commodities to grow out of the Low Respect / Low Love quadrant, they must be associated with ideas; ideas which are often translated into a purpose or a vision.

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A Cup of Coffee with a Dash of Love: An Investigation of Commercial Social Support and Third-Place Attachment

Creating Intimacy involves meeting the emotional needs to of your audience. Starbucks has strengthened its relationship with people by providing friendly support and companionship as part of its “third place” concept.

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Starbucks’ Appy Heart


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The Value of the Inspirational Consumer

One way to ascertain if a brand is a Lovemark is to look at those who are largely responsible for awarding the brand with that status – consumers. Lovemarks have relationships with people that are based on more than transactions; they have what we call Inspirational Consumers – people who act as advocates, community members and brand owners.

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Making Sense of the Five Senses

Rather than focusing solely on signage to attract shoppers, retailers are realizing the effectiveness of stimulating the senses in-store to encourage consumers to spend more time browsing and possibly ring up another sale at the cash register.