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Ringing the High Note

Here are two recent sonic branding projects undertaken for mobile phones. We may use our smartphones to speak to others, listen to music and watch video, but the way your phone sounds influences what you think and feel about the brand you use.

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The Human Touch

Consumer technology companies know that giving their products and services ‘the human touch’ attracts our attention and generates business. However, good visuals and catchy tunes are not enough to create deep connections to consumers when Mystery and Sensuality are tablestakes.

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Love in the Bank

How do you reinforce a financial brand when there are few opportunities or reasons for consumers to develop meaningful connections with your products? Can a retail bank shake off the veil of negativity often associated with the global financial crisis? How can a bank make its brand mean more to people than bills, mortgage payments and ATMs?

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The Sound of Music

Listen closely to the music being played when you make your next trip to the supermarket. Is the tempo fast or slow? Is it a Top 40 hit or a tune sung in French or Italian? All these factors could determine how long you linger in aisles, what type of product you buy and how much you end up spending at the checkout.

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Sisomo: The Future on Screen

Sisomo: the Future on Screen addresses making emotional connections in the market with Sight, Sound and Motion and plays to Saatchi & Saatchi’s strengths in creating compelling emotional connections on television. This book by Chairman Kevin Roberts has the goal of stimulating creativity across all screen-based media.

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Music Purchase Behaviour: The Effect of Emotional Loyalty on Intention to Purchase

Sarri and Drennan (2006) present an interesting and important finding for the music industry: the emotional connection to an artist’s music enhances a consumer’s loyalty and positively influences their decision to purchase music, rather than download it for free.