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Journal of Consumer Psychology

Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

This article presents an overview in the study of sensory marketing and perception, and highlights existing areas where additional research needs to be done.

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The Influences of Verbal Smell References in Radio Advertisements

This paper “explores how verbal smell references in restaurants’ radio advertisements affect consumers’ perceived ability to “almost taste” and “almost smell” the advertised product, affective response, and purchase intentions”.

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Scenting Movie Theatre Commercials: The Impact of Scent and Pictures on Brand Evaluations and Ad Recall

Can introducing the sense of smell to cinema advertising improve advertising recall? “Although both pictorial and olfactory cues enhance brand evaluations and ad recall overall, we find that olfactory (vs pictorial) cues generate more positive feelings toward the brand and enhance recall to a greater extent.”

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International Journal of Retail and Distribution

Sensory Cues and Shoppers’ Touching Behaviour: The Case of IKEA

This study explores the relationship between visual and olfactory cues within a retail environment through a field experiment conducted within the glass department of IKEA. Shoppers’ touching behaviour, purchase intentions and total sale are impacted.

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Scents That Linger in Memory

Chances are your favorite erasers when you were a child were scented. This wasn’t because they made erasing any easier, but the scent added novelty to an otherwise generic item. You might not care for scented items now, but a recent study shows that you will remember a product more if it ignites your olfactory system.

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Journal of Marketing

Improving the Store Environment: Do Olfactory Cues Affect Evaluations and Behaviors?

The authors of this study published in the Journal of Marketing “investigate whether the presence of an inoffensive ambient scent versus no scent affects evaluations of and approach/avoidance behaviors in a retail environment.”

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The Effects of Aroma on Emotion

Unlike sight, sound, touch and taste, the sense of smell cannot be switched off and thereby provides brands the opportunity to engage consumers at an intimate, sub-conscious level. Here are some examples of the use of smell in advertising and communications by companies such as Bloom, Emack & Bolio’s, and Saatchi & Saatchi Prague.