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Lovemarks in Action Through Great Customer Service

One of the most immediate ways a company can apply Lovemarks to their business is through customer service. It costs very little to bring the qualities of Respect and Love to your daily interactions, but the benefits have the potential to make a significant impact.

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Sensory Marketing: Impact of Store Atmospherics on Buying Behavior

This paper looks at sensory marketing as an opportunity for retailers to differentiate their offerings in an intensely competitive market and “presents the review of different theoretical models on consumer responses to atmospherics.”

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Get Your Heart Racing

Ferrari was recently named the world’s most powerful brand by British research firm BrandFinance. This may come as a surprise to those expecting a technology company to take out first place on the Global 500 but Ferrari scored high in what BrandFinance chief executive David Haigh calls “qualitative measures” like brand affection and loyalty.

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Can Consumers Forgo the Need to Touch Products? An Investigation of Nonhaptic Situational Factors in an Online Context

With the growing popularity of online shopping, the effect and importance of touch on people’s intention to purchase is topic on many retailers’ minds. In this paper, academics from University of Evansville and University of North Texas explore.

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Ringing the High Note

Here are two recent sonic branding projects undertaken for mobile phones. We may use our smartphones to speak to others, listen to music and watch video, but the way your phone sounds influences what you think and feel about the brand you use.

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An Integrative Review of Sensory Marketing: Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

“This review article presents an overview of research on sensory perception. The review also points out areas where little research has been done, so that each additional paper has a greater chance of making a bigger difference and sparking further research.”

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The Emporium of the Senses and Multi-Label Retailing: The Case of Armani/Ginza

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, Giorgio Armani, opened a mega-store Ginza, Tokyo, in 2000. This paper looks at how the brand has designed this retail store as a haven for all the senses.

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The Sweet Smell of Success: Olfaction in Retailing

This paper published in the ‘Journal of Marketing Management’ investigates the mediating factors that shape the emotional responses that occur as a result of ambient scent within retail environments.

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Retail Lovemarks: Harrods

Through the years, Harrods has upheld its iconic status as a quintessential British experience and continues to deliver on its reputation as a shopping destination. We analyze a sample of reviews from to gain a better understanding of what people love the most about this renowned retail brand.

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Infusing Single-Serve Cup Coffee With the Three Secrets

Single-cup serving accounts for more than 8% of the global coffee market and will prove to be more than a trend as consumers continue to want the luxury of a quality brew with the convenience of a touch of a button. Here are some examples of how brands in this category are putting Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy into action.

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Scenting Movie Theatre Commercials: The Impact of Scent and Pictures on Brand Evaluations and Ad Recall

Can introducing the sense of smell to cinema advertising improve advertising recall? “Although both pictorial and olfactory cues enhance brand evaluations and ad recall overall, we find that olfactory (vs pictorial) cues generate more positive feelings toward the brand and enhance recall to a greater extent.”

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Store-Evoked Affect, Personalities, and Consumer Emotional Attachments to Brands

“This research examines how store-evoked affect, human personality, and brand personality influence consumers’ emotional attachments to brands.” Field studies are conducted in a wine tasting room and juice bar to measure the effects of store-evoked pleasure on brand attachment, brand loyalty and willing to pay a price premium.

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The Business of Brushing

We all use it and there seems to be a tube for everyone by the bathroom sink, but toothpaste is no small matter. What makes people choose one brand of toothpaste over another, and how does a brand of toothpaste hold fast to its consumers in a hyper-competitive market?

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From Brand to Lovemark: Lululemon Athletica

There are many brands in female sports apparel, but few that distinguish themselves as Lovemarks. Lululemon Athletica is an example of a company that has moved from being a brand to dominating Lovemarks territory in its market. Let’s look at some ways in which it’s won Respect and used Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create a brand that is irresistible.

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On Beauty

How does what you see affect what you think and feel about the brand? Human beings are cognitively drawn to things that we consider aesthetically pleasing. When something is beautiful we feel more positive about it. We want it to succeed and its faults seem less pronounced.