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The Power of Sensory Marketing in Advertising

This article discusses the role of sensory marketing in driving advertisement effectiveness. It addresses mental simulation, imagery, multi-sensory stimulation, and actual and imagined touch in shaping consumer behavior.

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The Cool Scent of Power: Effects of Ambient Scent on Consumer Preferences and Choice Behavior

“The present research examines how ambient scents affect consumers’ spatial perceptions in retail environments, which in turn influence customers’ feelings of power and, thus, product preference and purchasing behavior.”

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Senses and Sensibility: A Human-Centred Branding Strategy

This Master’s thesis looks at human-centred branding and the role of the senses in a study of “the social and cultural meanings consumers attach to brands and branding within the art, science and technology continuum”.

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Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective

This journal article published in Psychology & Marketing “reviews the scientific evidence related to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory aspects of the store environment and their influence on the consumer’s shopping behavior”.

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Sensory Marketing: Impact of Store Atmospherics on Buying Behavior

This paper looks at sensory marketing as an opportunity for retailers to differentiate their offerings in an intensely competitive market and “presents the review of different theoretical models on consumer responses to atmospherics.”

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Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

This article presents an overview in the study of sensory marketing and perception, and highlights existing areas where additional research needs to be done.

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Effects of Package Visuals and Haptics on Brand Evaluations

This paper examines how visual and haptic package design characteristics singularly and jointly affect consumers’ brand impressions. “The findings have been obtained for a single category (bottled water) using experiments designed to highlight and focus consumer attention on the formation of impressions.”

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An Integrative Review of Sensory Marketing: Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

“This review article presents an overview of research on sensory perception. The review also points out areas where little research has been done, so that each additional paper has a greater chance of making a bigger difference and sparking further research.”

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The Emporium of the Senses and Multi-Label Retailing: The Case of Armani/Ginza

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, Giorgio Armani, opened a mega-store Ginza, Tokyo, in 2000. This paper looks at how the brand has designed this retail store as a haven for all the senses.

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Sensory Marketing: The Multi-Sensory Brand-Experience Concept

This research paper from Kalmar University, Sweden, proposes a sensory marketing model based on the concept of discovery and the relationship between the human mind and our senses.

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Sensory Cues and Shoppers’ Touching Behaviour: The Case of IKEA

This study explores the relationship between visual and olfactory cues within a retail environment through a field experiment conducted within the glass department of IKEA. Shoppers’ touching behaviour, purchase intentions and total sale are impacted.

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Atmospheres of Seduction: A Critique of Aesthetic Marketing Practices

This article applies the theory of Gernot Böhme that labels aesthetics as the science of sensory perception to marketing practice. “The theoretical background is applied to a Starbucks coffee shop as an example for a seductive consumption atmosphere to make evident issues of aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic manipulation.”

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Product, Scent and Memory

This article finds that “product scent is more effective than ambient scent at enhancing memory for product information. The results suggest that, although ambient scent has received the bulk of attention from researchers and managers in recent years, greater focus on product scent is warranted.”

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Retail Branding Through Sensory Experience: Local Case-Study at Chocolaterie Stam

A Master’s thesis from Iowa State University uses the confectionery retailer, Chocolaterie Stam, as a case study on how appealing to the senses can enhance retail environments and customer experience.