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Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective

This journal article published in Psychology & Marketing “reviews the scientific evidence related to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory aspects of the store environment and their influence on the consumer’s shopping behavior”.

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Lovemarks in Action: The Three P’s of Customer Service

A recent survey by Zogby Analytics and MSN asked people to rate customer satisfaction levels on 150 brands. Looking at the results, issues resolution is the key determinant on how well a company scored in the survey. What are companies doing to prevent problems from arising and what do they do in the event that one does?

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Sensory Marketing: Impact of Store Atmospherics on Buying Behavior

This paper looks at sensory marketing as an opportunity for retailers to differentiate their offerings in an intensely competitive market and “presents the review of different theoretical models on consumer responses to atmospherics.”

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The Hidden Agency: Emotions in Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping may feel like a routine exercise, but the role that emotions play in decision-making are complex and affect what and how we buy. “This exploration suggests that further insight can be gained if the emphasis is on how the consumer interacts with their brands rather than assuming that all grocery decisions are predictive.”

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Creating Great Stories in Retail

Retail is one environment where brands can create the context for which great stories occur. By drawing an audience to interact and participate with the retail environment, brands can create a door to wonder, excitement and discovery. Here are some stores that have successfully developed narratives for their consumers.

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Turning the Page: Bookstores in the Age of Now

For bookstores to survive in the Age of Now they need to go beyond the traditional offering of books and make themselves local social and cultural institutions. Here are some book retailers and publishers that are innovating in this category.

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The Emporium of the Senses and Multi-Label Retailing: The Case of Armani/Ginza

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, Giorgio Armani, opened a mega-store Ginza, Tokyo, in 2000. This paper looks at how the brand has designed this retail store as a haven for all the senses.

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Love In The City


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Store Loyalty: Its Impact on Retail Revenue. An Empirical Study of Purchasing Behavior in the UK

This paper from the Institute for Advanced Research in Marketing, Cranfield School of Management, UK, looks at the impact of consumer loyalty on retail spend in the United Kingdom.

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The Sweet Smell of Success: Olfaction in Retailing

This paper published in the ‘Journal of Marketing Management’ investigates the mediating factors that shape the emotional responses that occur as a result of ambient scent within retail environments.

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Retail Lovemarks: Harrods

Through the years, Harrods has upheld its iconic status as a quintessential British experience and continues to deliver on its reputation as a shopping destination. We analyze a sample of reviews from to gain a better understanding of what people love the most about this renowned retail brand.

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Infusing Single-Serve Cup Coffee With the Three Secrets

Single-cup serving accounts for more than 8% of the global coffee market and will prove to be more than a trend as consumers continue to want the luxury of a quality brew with the convenience of a touch of a button. Here are some examples of how brands in this category are putting Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy into action.

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Consumer-Retailer Emotional Attachment: Some Antecedents and the Moderating Role of Attachment Anxiety

This study investigates the creation of consumer loyalty through the development of affectionate bonds in the context of grocery store retailing. Consumers’ self-enrichment, self-gratification and self-enablement were found to likely influence emotional attachment.

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Store-Evoked Affect, Personalities, and Consumer Emotional Attachments to Brands

“This research examines how store-evoked affect, human personality, and brand personality influence consumers’ emotional attachments to brands.” Field studies are conducted in a wine tasting room and juice bar to measure the effects of store-evoked pleasure on brand attachment, brand loyalty and willing to pay a price premium.

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The Effect of Online Store Atmosphere on Consumer’s Emotional Responses – An Experimental Study of Music and Colour

We know that appealing to the senses in-store affects consumer response. But what happens when a person shops online? This study “explores the impact of two environmental elements – music and colour – of an online store on the consumers’ emotions”.