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Lovemarks in Action Through Great Customer Service

One of the most immediate ways a company can apply Lovemarks to their business is through customer service. It costs very little to bring the qualities of Respect and Love to your daily interactions, but the benefits have the potential to make a significant impact.

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Strong Brand Recognition, Negative Brand Associations

In June we asked our LinkedIn community to post questions that they may have about Lovemarks and its application as a marketing theory. This week’s post answers the question “For a company with strong Brand recognition, but negative Brand associations, what is the first step to moving towards becoming a Lovemark?”

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BlackBerry: From Lovemark to Commodity

From dominating the smartphone market, BlackBerry sales have fallen 41% in the last quarter. It’s once loyal community of fans have fallen out of love with their BBs and what was once a Lovemark is now looking very much like a commodity. Low Respect. Low Love. What happened?

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Brand As Hero

The character of the ‘hero’ has been central to human narrative and reflects the traits that our society admires and aspires to. Who we consider heroes will differ based on variables like culture, age and location, but unanimously, heroes are people we Respect and Love.

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From Brand to Lovemark: Lululemon Athletica

There are many brands in female sports apparel, but few that distinguish themselves as Lovemarks. Lululemon Athletica is an example of a company that has moved from being a brand to dominating Lovemarks territory in its market. Let’s look at some ways in which it’s won Respect and used Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create a brand that is irresistible.

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Our Path to Love

This year, Lovemarks Campus hopes to have earned your Respect as a resource for interesting journal articles, papers, exercises and workshops, case stories and insights on Lovemarks, emotional marketing and consumer learning. Our challenge next year is to grow our engagement with you and move into the Love quadrant.

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Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy in the Tire Market

Tire brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Dunlop may be familiar to us, but what is the emotional equity of these brands? Let’s look at some examples of how tire brands are harnessing Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to lead them on the journey towards Lovemarks.

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Start With Respect

A brand must deliver on Performance, Trust and Reputation in addition to the more creative elements of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy if it is to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with consumers. Without Respect, a brand is just a Fad or Commodity on the Love / Respect Axis.

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Postcards from the Road

Like in all great journeys, this exercise is about storytelling. By describing where a brand is in its journey towards being Irresistible by writing it in the form of a postcard, new perspectives can be gained on where the brand has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

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What Wine Wins?

Do expensive wines really taste better? According to a study (2008) by the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University, wine tastes better if people think it’s expensive. Hugh Johnson, a wine writer for The Sunday Times said that the same type of reaction is common for people viewing designer label clothing.

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Transforming Commodities

Commodities are products that receive Low Love and Low Respect. Products people need but don’t desire, or even like a lot. So how does a commodity make the transition from being taken for granted to being relentlessly loved? From being irreplaceable to being irresistible? To trace the journey from commodity to Lovemark let’s take a look a product like flour. Can flour be loved?

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Living with Respect

This paper explores Respect and its relevance to marketing relationships. Care, acceptance, equality, responsibility and achievement emerge as themes, and respect is found to be “an indispensable lynchpin to relationships”.

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Measuring Emotion – Lovemarks, the Future Beyond Brands

This paper tests the Lovemarks theory and develops a tool to help convert brands into Lovemarks. Emotional factors of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy are shown to have the strongest effect on buying decisions and a stronger customer-brand bond is best achieved through Intimacy.

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Financial Times

Love in the Desert

Commentary on how global brands in the Middle East can develop greater social connections to earn the Love and Respect of their consumers. “At the core of a great brand, local or global, lies a human truth – which shouldn’t be lost”, says Kevin Roberts. “The first challenge is to identify it, the second to connect with this truth in a local context.”