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The Implications of Different Types of Relationships Between Consumers and Brands

This paper highlights the implications for brand managers of intimate consumer-brand relationships, and explores the effects of different types of relationships on consumers’ satisfaction levels.

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Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship Marketing for the Facebook Generation

The social media landscape demands new rules for successful brand-consumer relationships. “Only by earning the trust of their friends will brands get recommended by those friends, and only by investing time and energy in listening and building that relationship will there be a loving relationship to enjoy.”

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The Application of Psychological Theories for an Improved Understanding of Customer Relationships

“This dissertation provides new insights into this latest development within CRM. These insights are derived by applying key theories from social psychology about personal relationships to customer-to-firm relationships. The results clarify how commitment between customers and firms arises and develops.”

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Living with Respect

This paper explores Respect and its relevance to marketing relationships. Care, acceptance, equality, responsibility and achievement emerge as themes, and respect is found to be “an indispensable lynchpin to relationships”.

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All You Need is Love

A discussion with David Hershkovits, from the New York magazine, Paper, about brands, education, and the power of relationships over transactions. People are demanding a new kind of authenticity and transparency from corporations, which means that brands that have the strongest emotional bonds with their consumers will obtain Loyalty Beyond Reason.

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Transactions to Relationships

Q&A with Kevin Roberts on the prognosis for brands and brand management, and what brands need to do to make the transition from transactions to relationships. “If you want to stay in the game, then, respect is no longer sufficient. In this age of relationships, you must take your brand into the territory of the emotions. Brands must invite loyalty and invoke a sense of ownership.”

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Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research

Fournier’s (1998) work on consumers and their brands investigates brand relationship quality. This invokes love/passion, commitment and intimacy as factors, among others, which contribute to relationship durability.