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The Experience of Color

Though plenty has been written about the affects of color in packaging and the symbolism tied to its use in branding, what is being done about the individual experience of color specific to time and place? With companies expanding globally, yet audiences demanding increasingly personalized goods and services, how do brands deliver color in the Now?

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What Wine Wins?

Do expensive wines really taste better? According to a study (2008) by the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University, wine tastes better if people think it’s expensive. Hugh Johnson, a wine writer for The Sunday Times said that the same type of reaction is common for people viewing designer label clothing.

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Scents That Linger in Memory

Chances are your favorite erasers when you were a child were scented. This wasn’t because they made erasing any easier, but the scent added novelty to an otherwise generic item. You might not care for scented items now, but a recent study shows that you will remember a product more if it ignites your olfactory system.

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Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in Throes of Material Possession Love

This study empirically tests the love that consumers feel for the things they own and finds that people nurture their beloved possessions by purchasing complementary products and services. It also argues that increased love for products would lead to more sustainable behavior.

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Two Emotions Engage Us All

The online world is no longer an option in advertising but a fundamental part of a holistic strategy. A recent study by Teixeira, Wedel and Pieters discovered that the success of online campaigns often comes down to how they make use of two emotions – surprise and joy.

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Hopelessly Devoted to You: Towards an Extended Conceptualization of Consumer Devotion

The importance of devotion, which “conveys the meaning of love, close connectedness and a religious form of zeal,” is explored in this paper. Devotion closely involves passion, intimacy, and dedication, and these are important for consumer person-object relationships.