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Keynote Presentations and Lectures

Selection of presentations to academic institutions by Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi. For more presentations, visit University of Arkansas: Emerging Trends in Retailing: Emotionally Connecting with Shoppers Kevin Roberts’ keynote on ‘The Power of Emotion’ at the fourteenth annual Emerging Trends in Retailing Conference. Held at the University of Arkansas by the Center

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Higher Ground

I’m CEO in Residence at Cambridge, so John’s invitation to storm Oxford’s ramparts was irresistible. I love talking to MBAs, because you’ll design tomorrow. And Judge and Saïd are the chosen ones, shiny new apples on towering old trees. The world is at your feet, and needs you. You are young, fast, international. You’ve blooded

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Forever Young

It’s fantastic to be back in South America. And great to be here in a young energetic university. Thanks to Pablo for asking and to Gabriel for making it happen. When it comes to education, I’m a fan. I’m CEO in Residence at the Judge Business School at Cambridge. I have profound respect for their

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Step Up to the Plate

I’m here to ask you seven big questions that will shape your future when you leave this place. Fortunately for you, I’m also going to answer them! I’m a radical optimist. The winners in this new world of constant change are going to be the ones that fail fast, learn fast, and fix fast. Quite

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Walk Through the Fire

The average age at Saatchi & Saatchi is 27, and they drive our business worldwide. So feel good, because the future belongs to young people like you, people who are restless, passionate and competitive. And we have 20% turnover per year.  So every five years, I have a new company and every year there’s lots