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Journal of Consumer Psychology

An Integrative Review of Sensory Marketing: Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

“This review article presents an overview of research on sensory perception. The review also points out areas where little research has been done, so that each additional paper has a greater chance of making a bigger difference and sparking further research.”

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The Beat Goes On

The strong synergy between music and beverage brands has led to an increase in the number of advertising initiatives that incorporate the two sectors. Here is a brainstorming exercise that reveals the individual audio identities of brands and encourages the development of campaign ideas based on insights uncovered.

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Makita ’20,562 Holes’

Xploring was conducted through spending time with men in various hardware stores to gather information about their hardware needs and habits. This led to Saatchi & Saatchi developing a campaign based on the idea of ‘Precision Holes.’

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Pet Passion

One of the trends influencing the attitudes, values and expenditure of today’s consumers is the increasingly central role that animals play in people’s lives. Recent research shows that ads featuring animals generate more positive feelings towards not only the ad itself, but the brand it represents.

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University of Lugano

How to Induce the Beholder to Persuade Himself: Learning from Advertising Research for Information Visualization

This paper takes an in-depth look at visual communications for effective advertising. Drawing on well established approaches, it investigates new lines of thinking, including the role of Lovemarks, and particularly the way consumers process and act on information via emotion.