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Creating Great Stories in Retail

Retail is one environment where brands can create the context for which great stories occur. By drawing an audience to interact and participate with the retail environment, brands can create a door to wonder, excitement and discovery. Here are some stores that have successfully developed narratives for their consumers.

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Nike Love My Kicks


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High Return on Respect and Love

What does Apple’s incredible profit and revenue results reveal about how people behave in regard to the brands they love? The same demographic that may have been cautious with their spending in 2011 weren’t holding back on securing their next iPhone or iPad. Was it Loyalty Beyond Reason? Loyalty Beyond Price? Loyalty Beyond Recession?

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Nike ‘This is Love’

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Nike ‘Corinthians’

In 2010, Brazilian football team Corinthians turned 100 years old. To pay homage to its more than 30 million fans, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi worked with Nike to establish a country for the team’s fans. The result is Republica Popular do Corinthians a nation with more ‘citizens’ than 150 other countries in the world.