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Where There’s Mystery, There’s Margin

This post is by Justin Billingsley, COO of Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA. “To stay out of the spiral we need to keep people acting irrationally, much like they act when they are in love. The ingredients of this love are mystery, sensuality and intimacy.”

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The Language of Brand Love: Loveworks Author Brian Sheehan Talks to Marketing Smarts

Brian Sheehan talks to’s Kerry O’Shea Gorgone about his new book Loveworks: How the world’s top marketers make emotional connections to win in the marketplace.

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Lovemarks in Action Through Great Customer Service

One of the most immediate ways a company can apply Lovemarks to their business is through customer service. It costs very little to bring the qualities of Respect and Love to your daily interactions, but the benefits have the potential to make a significant impact.

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Marketing The Past, Present And Future

Brands have the opportunity to influence our experience of time. They can shape the past, effect the present and be a part of the future. Their participation in the events that make up our lives leaves an impression that goes beyond the shelf and conveys shared values, a sense of solidarity, hope and wonder.

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Sowing Secrets

The growing interest in ‘secret’ offerings and member-only deals also come from the fact that sales are ubiquitous and deals are a dime a dozen. Shoppers still want to feel special, but not from the massive discounts that everyone else is getting.

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Brand As Hero

The character of the ‘hero’ has been central to human narrative and reflects the traits that our society admires and aspires to. Who we consider heroes will differ based on variables like culture, age and location, but unanimously, heroes are people we Respect and Love.

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Retail Lovemarks: Harrods

Through the years, Harrods has upheld its iconic status as a quintessential British experience and continues to deliver on its reputation as a shopping destination. We analyze a sample of reviews from to gain a better understanding of what people love the most about this renowned retail brand.

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Infusing Single-Serve Cup Coffee With the Three Secrets

Single-cup serving accounts for more than 8% of the global coffee market and will prove to be more than a trend as consumers continue to want the luxury of a quality brew with the convenience of a touch of a button. Here are some examples of how brands in this category are putting Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy into action.

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Marketing Mystery: Creating Dreams

Dreams are such an important part of creating Mystery because it speaks to people on very deep, personal levels. It involves emotion and storytelling, fantasy and reality. Here are some recent examples of how brands are creating dream-like experiences for their audiences.

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The Business of Brushing

We all use it and there seems to be a tube for everyone by the bathroom sink, but toothpaste is no small matter. What makes people choose one brand of toothpaste over another, and how does a brand of toothpaste hold fast to its consumers in a hyper-competitive market?

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From Brand to Lovemark: Lululemon Athletica

There are many brands in female sports apparel, but few that distinguish themselves as Lovemarks. Lululemon Athletica is an example of a company that has moved from being a brand to dominating Lovemarks territory in its market. Let’s look at some ways in which it’s won Respect and used Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create a brand that is irresistible.

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Marketing Mystery: Bottled Water

Mexico is the world’s largest bottled water market and alone is expected to be worth $13 billion by 2015. With more companies entering this competitive market, how do brands instill a sense of Mystery to a product as ubiquitous as bottled water?

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Marketing Mystery: Chocolate

Godiva recently scored behind Pixar, Absolut, Cartier and BMW in a quantitative study by Buyology Inc that measured the feeling of ‘awe’ that people felt for brands. Why is ‘awe’ important and how is it related to Mystery?

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Retail Time Machine

Concepts of Past, Present and Future serve varied purposes depending on the message a brand wants to convey. Here is a look at how retail stores have used these characteristics of Mystery to create informative, sensual and engaging environments for shoppers.

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Lovemarks and Contextual Creativity – Part 1

Contextual Creativity (CCR) expands the idea of Content Planning to embrace the belief that expertise on how media is consumed can be a powerful source of big ideas. Lovemarks Campus will release a three part series that provides exercises on the subject, with this exercise looking at how Mystery, Intimacy and Sensuality can be applied in different media categories.