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The Effect of Online Store Atmosphere on Consumer’s Emotional Responses – An Experimental Study of Music and Colour

We know that appealing to the senses in-store affects consumer response. But what happens when a person shops online? This study “explores the impact of two environmental elements – music and colour – of an online store on the consumers’ emotions”.

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BGH ‘Quick Chef Music’

How do you promote a microwave when its functional features are exactly the same as the model from the previous year? The solution – add an element of Sensuality and fill kitchens around the world with music by eliminating the unbearable beeping noise synonymous with microwaves.

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The Beat Goes On

The strong synergy between music and beverage brands has led to an increase in the number of advertising initiatives that incorporate the two sectors. Here is a brainstorming exercise that reveals the individual audio identities of brands and encourages the development of campaign ideas based on insights uncovered.

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Memory, Emotions and Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Influence of Music in Advertising, on Brand and Endorser Perception

A study carried out by the University of the Basque Country analyzes the effects of music on response to radio ads. It finds that not only does the presence of music create an associative link to the brand, but the type of music being played can influence a brand’s impression on the listener.

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The Sound of Music

Listen closely to the music being played when you make your next trip to the supermarket. Is the tempo fast or slow? Is it a Top 40 hit or a tune sung in French or Italian? All these factors could determine how long you linger in aisles, what type of product you buy and how much you end up spending at the checkout.