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Need vs Choice. Does Less Competition Make It Easier to Be Loved?

A lack of competition does not necessarily mean an increased chance of consumers forming Lovemarks. The less choice consumers have means the harder a brand has to work.

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Explaining Love of Wine Brands

When it comes to brand love of wine, does customer expertise have an influence on degree of satisfaction and loyalty? This article from a special issue of the ‘Journal of Promotion Marketing’ explores.

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Store Loyalty: Its Impact on Retail Revenue. An Empirical Study of Purchasing Behavior in the UK

This paper from the Institute for Advanced Research in Marketing, Cranfield School of Management, UK, looks at the impact of consumer loyalty on retail spend in the United Kingdom.

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Consumer-Retailer Emotional Attachment: Some Antecedents and the Moderating Role of Attachment Anxiety

This study investigates the creation of consumer loyalty through the development of affectionate bonds in the context of grocery store retailing. Consumers’ self-enrichment, self-gratification and self-enablement were found to likely influence emotional attachment.

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Does Passion for a Team Translate Into Sales for a Sponsor? The Irish Case

This research paper from the Journal of Sponsorship investigates if passion for a sports team translates into sales for sponsorship brands. It asks the questions “Can sponsorship persuade a loyal fan to choose one product over another? Can it generate enough emotional attachment to make a difference to sales?”

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Consumer Fanaticism: the Processes Leading to High-End Loyalty

The authors of this study from RMIT University, Monash University and the University of Adelaide interviewed six highly loyal consumers to map the stages that lead to extreme cases of brand loyalty. Three key transition stages were identified.

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Consumers’ Emotional Bonds with Foreign Countries: Does Consumer Affinity Affect Behavioral Intentions?

We know that brand perception affects our everyday purchasing decisions, but how strong is the effect of nation branding on what we choose to buy? This study from the University of Vienna shows that “consumer affinity is more powerful than consumers’ ethnocentric tendencies in explaining both perceived risk and willingness to buy.”

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Soulmates, Best Friends, and Casual Buddies: The Relationship of U.S. College Students to Retailer Brands

An article in the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal takes a look at the interpersonal relationship that U.S. college students have with retail brands. The relationships are categorized as soulmates, best friends and casual buddies.

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The Value of the Inspirational Consumer

One way to ascertain if a brand is a Lovemark is to look at those who are largely responsible for awarding the brand with that status – consumers. Lovemarks have relationships with people that are based on more than transactions; they have what we call Inspirational Consumers – people who act as advocates, community members and brand owners.

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Love in the Bank

How do you reinforce a financial brand when there are few opportunities or reasons for consumers to develop meaningful connections with your products? Can a retail bank shake off the veil of negativity often associated with the global financial crisis? How can a bank make its brand mean more to people than bills, mortgage payments and ATMs?

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Engagement Unleashed: Gamification for Business, Brands and Loyalty

In study by Saatchi & Saatchi S entitled “Engagement Unleashed: Gamification for Business, Brands and Loyalty,” 55% of Americans said they were interested in working for a company that uses gamification to increase productivity.

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Can Brands Make Us Happy? A Research Framework for the Study of Brands and Their Effects on Happiness

Brands permeate consumer culture. Yet, despite their ubiquitous presence, one of the societally most relevant and fundamental questions of brand existence remains among the most difficult to capture: Can brands make us happy?

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Brand Love, Brand Image and Loyalty in Australian Elite Sport

This paper aims to contribute to the current brand and sport marketing literature by conceptualising the relationship between brand image, brand love and loyalty within Australian elite sport. The context for this study is an investigation of Australian football and more specifically its teams.

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Commitment-led Marketing: The Key to Brand Profits is in the Customer’s Mind

“In a hugely competitive world, customer loyalty has become a key area for concern. What would happen if you could go one step further and identify not just those customers who are loyal to your brand, but those who are truly committed to your product or service? This book helps you to do just that.”

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Emotional Marketing: The Hallmark Way of Winning Customers for Life

“Hallmark has found that one of the keys to attaining superior customer loyalty is through emotion. Now for the first time, Hallmark reveals its groundbreaking strategy: Emotion Marketing. This strategy can help any company create an emotional bond with customers for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”