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Creating a Theatre of Dreams

How do you activate the drama of a retail brand where it matters and turn shoppers into buyers? How do you compete in a tough industry that requires innovation, creativity and strong value proposition? This exercise will help you discover practical ways in which Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy can be applied to the retail environment.

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Toyota ‘Glass of Water’

Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden helped drivers make a 10% fuel saving by using an iPhone app that behaved like a glass of water and integrated Google Maps and Facebook. The drivers’ challenge? Make a positive impact through lowering vehicle emissions by smoother driving.

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Effects of Advertising Strategy on Consumer-based Relationships: A Brand Love Perspective

This study examines the effects of rational and emotional advertising strategy on the creation of brand love. It examines how different advertising approaches lead to distinct results for utilitarian and hedonic value based products.

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Get in Touch with Consumers

Kevin Roberts explains how crucial it is for marketers to develop a deep understanding of the way that consumers feel. Focus groups, which are easily manipulated and dominated, are too often used as a crutch by marketing professionals. As Kevin explains, the only way to gain true revelation about how consumers feel is to engage in an ongoing dialog.