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How Brands Meet Share of Requirements Through Bonding, Companionship, and Love

This paper looks at the impact of emotional branding on personal share of purchases amongst buyers. “It seems that advertising can generate the expectancy of strong, specific, emotional attachment, but very favorable brand usage experience must follow if this approach is to be successful.”

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Does Passion for a Team Translate Into Sales for a Sponsor? The Irish Case

This research paper from the Journal of Sponsorship investigates if passion for a sports team translates into sales for sponsorship brands. It asks the questions “Can sponsorship persuade a loyal fan to choose one product over another? Can it generate enough emotional attachment to make a difference to sales?”

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Interacting for Intimacy

The adoption of augmented reality, QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) is challenging the notion of what is possible in the field of marketing. What’s interesting is not just the types of interactive experiences enabled through technology, but how technology is being used to magnify the feelings of Intimacy that consumers feel with brands.

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Xtreme Brand Loyalty

How do you cultivate such levels of brand loyalty that consumers will sacrifice time and energy to participate in your brand? What makes a person drive for hours for a brand of bread, or tattoo themselves with their Lovemark’s logo? To quote Lisa Gates of Forbes magazine, “When you love something, you’ll negotiate like a ninja to get it.”