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Lovemarks in Action: The Three P’s of Customer Service

A recent survey by Zogby Analytics and MSN asked people to rate customer satisfaction levels on 150 brands. Looking at the results, issues resolution is the key determinant on how well a company scored in the survey. What are companies doing to prevent problems from arising and what do they do in the event that one does?

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Lovemarks in Action Through Great Customer Service

One of the most immediate ways a company can apply Lovemarks to their business is through customer service. It costs very little to bring the qualities of Respect and Love to your daily interactions, but the benefits have the potential to make a significant impact.

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Retail Branding Through Sensory Experience: Local Case-Study at Chocolaterie Stam

A Master’s thesis from Iowa State University uses the confectionery retailer, Chocolaterie Stam, as a case study on how appealing to the senses can enhance retail environments and customer experience.