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Moving Brands Beyond Reason Into Culture

Brent Smart, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New York, believes that advertising is all about moving brands beyond reason and into culture. What does that mean? You must be ICONIC. A company may have recognizable brand assets, but for Brent, what really makes you iconic is how you use them.

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Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society

“Lynch argues that certain beliefs spread like viruses and evolve like microbes, as mutant strains vie for more adherents and more hosts. In its most revolutionary aspect, memetics asks not how people accumulate ideas, but how ideas accumulate people.”

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Attitudes Towards American Brands and Brand America

Chan et al (2007) take an intriguing look at the relationship between attitudes toward brands, including Nike and McDonalds, and attitudes toward the USA among Singaporean, Hong Kong and Australian students. The results are unexpected and the authors discuss possible causes.

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When Consumers Love Their Brands: Exploring the Concept and its Dimensions

Albert et al. investigate the love some French consumers have for brands. Words associated with love are used to identify 11 dimensions of love towards a brand. These findings are compared with a similar study undertaken in the USA.

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Emotional Branding and the Strategic Value of the Doppelganger Brand Image

Emotional branding, and brands which are considered Lovemarks, continue to win and hold customers. But doppelgänger brands, which parody and criticize the authenticity of emotional branding, pose a threat which should be actively monitored and proactively addressed.