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The Role of Emotional Aspects in Younger Consumer-Brand Relationships

Younger consumers have a reputation for being influenced by fads and trends, but what emotional aspects are important to the development of consumer-brand relationships with this demographic?

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The Implications of Different Types of Relationships Between Consumers and Brands

This paper highlights the implications for brand managers of intimate consumer-brand relationships, and explores the effects of different types of relationships on consumers’ satisfaction levels.

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Loyalty from Priceless Value

One of repercussions of lowering prices is the loss of brand loyalty. Shoppers who are constantly looking for bargains will make brand choices based on price. Here is where we make the case for Lovemarks as not only an approach to branding and advertising, but a smart business choice from a financial perspective.

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A Cause for Emotion

Cause marketing is a way that brands can create Intimacy with consumers and engage people in its values and social network. It’s an opportunity for many brands to humanize themselves and display characteristics of authenticity, commitment and empathy. Overtime, a brand or product may even become a purchaser’s first choice due to its affiliation with a cause.

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Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy in the Tire Market

Tire brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Dunlop may be familiar to us, but what is the emotional equity of these brands? Let’s look at some examples of how tire brands are harnessing Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to lead them on the journey towards Lovemarks.

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Have Another Serving of Love

Pasta was recently reported as the world’s most favorite food ahead of meat and rice in a study by Oxfam, and in 2010, US sales of dry pasta reached 1.04 billion pounds. But though it is a kitchen staple and people are happy to eat pasta several times a week, do you love your brand of pasta or did you buy it for convenience and value?

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Producing Revelations

The reason that the process of understanding consumers requires more than segmentation research is that people hold a myriad of emotions and have deep subconscious connections to brands. These feelings may not be apparent to them immediately, as when filling out a survey or when interviewed, but often it demonstrates itself in action – in their daily lives.

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The Value of the Inspirational Consumer

One way to ascertain if a brand is a Lovemark is to look at those who are largely responsible for awarding the brand with that status – consumers. Lovemarks have relationships with people that are based on more than transactions; they have what we call Inspirational Consumers – people who act as advocates, community members and brand owners.

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Love in the Bank

How do you reinforce a financial brand when there are few opportunities or reasons for consumers to develop meaningful connections with your products? Can a retail bank shake off the veil of negativity often associated with the global financial crisis? How can a bank make its brand mean more to people than bills, mortgage payments and ATMs?

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Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in Throes of Material Possession Love

This study empirically tests the love that consumers feel for the things they own and finds that people nurture their beloved possessions by purchasing complementary products and services. It also argues that increased love for products would lead to more sustainable behavior.

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The Faith, Hope and Love Show

Interview with Kevin Roberts featured in Standaard. Roberts talks about the power of Lovemarks in uncertain times. Taking care of brand values and appealing to consumers emotions are key factors in surviving the economic downturn. Companies should give consumers control of their brands. (Flemish with English translation)

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Wharton Business School

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts: ‘It’s All About Getting to the Future First’

Interview with Kevin Roberts about the skills needed to be a successful marketer, what consumers really want, and the importance of failure. He notes the importance of working to keep your customers’ loyalty: ‘Love is something you have to earn every day and you can’t take for granted’.

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The Daily Orange

Global Advertising CEO Discusses What it Means to Love a Brand

An article on Kevin Roberts’ recent lecture at Syracuse University. Roberts discusses subjects such as brand loyalty, the importance of positive attitudes, the economy, and the meaning of True Blue. He emphasises business sustainability and discusses Wal-Mart’s sustainable initiatives.

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Financial Times

Ad Man Makes an Emotional Appeal

Saatchi & Saatchi’s generally positive trajectory has not gone unnoticed by rivals. Lovemarks has provided the agency with a distinctive calling card to present to prospective clients. Kevin Roberts discusses his new initiative when it comes to advertising fees and advises to “find a way to profit from your passions”.

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Advertising Age

Living in the Age of Attraction

Driven by the fundamental shift in control from manufacturers and retailers to consumers, the future belongs to those who make emotional connections with them. Kevin Roberts discusses that the emotion at the core of what we do can draw us together and create the connections which drive us to buy and sell.