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Should Consumers Be in Love With Brands? An Investigation Into the Influence That Specific Consumer-Brand Relationships Have on the Quality of the Bonds That Consumers Develop With Brands

What will influence consumer loyalty when a brand is experiencing tough times? Helen Nobre of Nova University of Lisbon finds that Intimacy is the key to lasting relationships.

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Automatic Behavioral Priming Effects of Brand Anthropomorphism

In a study by the University of Toronto and University of Chicago, people were asked to imagine brands as if they were human. People who anthropomorphized the brands considered the brands to be emphatic partners. Krispy Kreme and Kelloggs are used as examples.

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Applying Brand Attachment to a Consumption Context: Attachment to Mobile Phones

This study uses Fournier’s brand attachment typology to understand people’s attachment to their mobile phones. 17 interviews were performed to measure levels of consumer love. Possible future research is presented.

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Shape Shifter

The gift of empathy is given to those who can shift the way they think in profound and meaningful ways. Shopping is ideal for a rapid empathy workout. It’s something we all have to do. We do it in our own very personal style according to our own goals. How we shop reflects who we are.

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

What does it mean for a brand to make the consumer the center of its world? Does it produce what its audience needs? Bend to the intensity of demand? Does going so far as sharing its name with loyal followers make people feel like they are receiving a brand’s attention?

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The Application of Psychological Theories for an Improved Understanding of Customer Relationships

“This dissertation provides new insights into this latest development within CRM. These insights are derived by applying key theories from social psychology about personal relationships to customer-to-firm relationships. The results clarify how commitment between customers and firms arises and develops.”

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Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research

Fournier’s (1998) work on consumers and their brands investigates brand relationship quality. This invokes love/passion, commitment and intimacy as factors, among others, which contribute to relationship durability.