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Using Personalization to Create Timelessness

A timeless Lovemark lasts through the ages. A Fad is in demand only for a moment. One way to create timelessness for a brand is to provide the customer the ability to create their own brand story through personalized service, products and delivery.

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To Love in Good Times and Bad?

“Will people stand by the brands they love during tough times?” That is the question asked by Angela Lee, professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Marketing, Monika Lisjak, a doctoral candidate at the Kellogg School, and Wendi Gardner, an associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University.

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A Study of the Role That Emotional Branding Plays in Marketing Strategies Within the Soft Drinks Industry, with Particular Focus on Coca-Cola

This thesis submitted as part of a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Advertising and Brand Management looks at the the use of emotional marketing within the soft drinks industry (with focus on Coca-Cola) and makes reference to Lovemarks.

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Coca-Cola Loves England

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