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The Role of Emotional Aspects in Younger Consumer-Brand Relationships

Younger consumers have a reputation for being influenced by fads and trends, but what emotional aspects are important to the development of consumer-brand relationships with this demographic?

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An Exploration of Men’s Brand Relationships

A study from Loyola University, Chicago, tests Fournier’s theory of brand relationships in regard to heterosexual male shoppers of fashion and grooming products through ïn-depth interviews, collage constructions, and shopping trip observations.

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Scents That Linger in Memory

Chances are your favorite erasers when you were a child were scented. This wasn’t because they made erasing any easier, but the scent added novelty to an otherwise generic item. You might not care for scented items now, but a recent study shows that you will remember a product more if it ignites your olfactory system.

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A Place to Remember

What would make a Lovemarks hotel? Attentive service? Inspired décor? Or just knowing that you’ll be comfortable at an affordable price? A study by Barksey and Nash (2002) affirm that emotional connection is what determines Loyalty Beyond Reason between hotels and their guests.

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How to Create High Emotional Consumer-Brand Relationships? The Causalities of Brand Passion

Research from the University of Mannheim analyzes the antecedents and consequences of brand passion that leads to high emotional consumer-brand relationships.

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The Development and Maintenance of Customer Relationships Through Communication: A Consumer Perspective

This doctoral thesis by Nicholas Paul Thompson investigates the manner in which consumers maintain brand relationships, and the effect that chosen lines of communication (i.e. social networks, word-of-mouth) have on the value of these relationships. Air New Zealand is the brand primarily referred to in this study.

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The Problem with Participation

The participation band wagon rolls on in adland with agencies and clients seeming content to sacrifice effective communications in the name of ‘doing something on Facebook’. So how do you get it right?

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Brand Relationships Through Brand Reputation and Brand Tribalism

While brands build and improve relationships with customers, the role of brand reputation, and that of brand tribalism, have received less attention. Moutinho and Veloutsou (2008) show tribalism is more effective than reputation when it comes to assessing brand relationship strength.

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Measuring Brand Love: Applying Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love in Consumer-brand Relations

This paper provides yet more evidence of the similarities between interpersonal love and brand love, thus bolstering the basis of the Lovemarks approach. Lovemarks create priceless value in the same way that interpersonal love creates priceless value.

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Love is in the Heart: Physiological Responding to Preferred Brands

The Lovemarks framework, which stresses the importance of emotional connections with consumers and is defined by their Loyalty Beyond Reason, is tested by Maxian et al (2008). This paper shows that, the relationships some consumers have with brands appear to be very similar to love.

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Some Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Love

Exploring brand love, Carroll and Ahuvia (2006) find that it is greatest for brands which are more hedonic and provide more symbolic benefits. Brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth are also associated with a consumer’s love of a brand.