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Romantic Brand Love: A Conceptual Analysis

This article from The Marketing Review looks at ‘romantic brand love’, a unique facet of brand love that is stimulated by specific themes, products and brand symbolism in advertising. It also outlines the structure of romantic brand love and looks at how it is developed.

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Need vs Choice. Does Less Competition Make It Easier to Be Loved?

A lack of competition does not necessarily mean an increased chance of consumers forming Lovemarks. The less choice consumers have means the harder a brand has to work.

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Romancing the Brand: How Brands Create Strong, Intimate Relationships with Consumers

In Romancing the Brand, branding expert Tim Halloran reveals what it takes to make consumers fall in love with your brand. Step by step,he reveals how to start, grow, maintain, and troubleshoot a flourishing relationship between brand and consumer.

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Brand Love in Developing Countries

In this LinkedIn community question inspired blog post, we address the question if brand love is as effective and applicable in developing countries, and is a person with limited resources more likely to make a decision based on emotion than reason.

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Brand Love: Interpersonal Or Parasocial Love Relationship?

This paper from Harvard University and Crummer Graduate School of Business compares interpersonal love relationship theory and parasocial love relationship theory to determine which best explains the concept of brand love.

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IOSR Journal

Brand Love: Mediating Role in Purchase Intentions and Word-of-Mouth

Academics from Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan, collected data from 265 cell phone customers to ascertain if purchase intentions can be used to predict brand love and word-of-mouth.

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Lund University

The Greatest Love Stories Between Consumers and Brands – A Study of Brand Love

This Master’s thesis looks at Lovemarks theory and analyzes consumer stories to obtain insight on the drivers behind brand love. It also uses the photo elicitation technique to “evoke feelings, stories, and memories in order to provide a new perspective on the theory of brand love”.

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Universidad de Chile

Brand Love: Amor En Las Marcas De Servicios En Chile

This thesis in Spanish from the University of Chile looks at the concept of brand love in Chile and tests the existence of brand love in regard to Chilean services. “It was determined that the love of brands is strongly influenced by a sense of belonging to a community and for consumers to identify that particular brand.”

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Kristianstad University

Love of Brand: A Story of an On-going Romance

This Bachelor’s thesis from Kristianstad University, Sweden, investigates consumer perspectives on Lovemarks by looking at the language that people use when talking about luxury brands.

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Journal of Promotion Management

Explaining Love of Wine Brands

When it comes to brand love of wine, does customer expertise have an influence on degree of satisfaction and loyalty? This article from a special issue of the ‘Journal of Promotion Marketing’ explores.

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Brand Loyalty in MENA

Brand Loyalty and Love in MENA

Ernst & Young recently polled more than 4,000 adults in the Middle East and North Africa and found that consumers in the region are more brand loyal than their global counterparts. Loyalty may be the key desire for many brands in the MENA market, but striving for love will protect them from the risk of commodization.

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Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics

Loving a Brand: Empirical Investigation of Consumer-Brand Love Relationship

This paper analyzes how the brand love concept can be derived from interpersonal love, and “shows that perceived product category hedonism has significant positive impact on brand love.”

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Journal of Service Research

A Cup of Coffee with a Dash of Love: An Investigation of Commercial Social Support and Third-Place Attachment

Creating Intimacy involves meeting the emotional needs to of your audience. Starbucks has strengthened its relationship with people by providing friendly support and companionship as part of its “third place” concept.

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Journal of Product and Brand Management

Brand Romance: A Complementary Approach to Explain Emotional Attachment Towards Brands

This study “seeks to identify brand romance – a more proximal construct to brand loyalty and aims to offer a complementary perspective to understand emotional attachment to brands.”

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Journal of Services Marketing

In Good and Bad Times: The Interpersonal Nature of Brand Love in Service Relationships

In this paper from the Journal of Services Marketing, a between-subjects experiment is set up to examine the influence of interpersonal antecedents on brand love in service delivery settings.