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Make Brand Love, Not War: The Power of Combining Explicit and Implicit Brand Attitude Measurement to Detect Brand Affection

This “paper presents two studies that combine implicit and explicit measures of brand attitude with regard to two major brands (Coca-Cola and Adidas) and two different consumer brand touch points. [The] results show that implicit and explicit brand attitudes significantly differ regarding the analyzed brands and the analyzed brand touch points.”

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Objective Measures of Emotion Related to Brand Attitude: A New Way to Quantify Emotion-Related Aspects Relevant to Marketing

This study from the University of Newcastle, Australia, tests – using neurological scanning – “the hypothesis that individual like and dislike as occurring in relation to brand attitude can be objectively assessed”.

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Memory, Emotions and Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Influence of Music in Advertising, on Brand and Endorser Perception

A study carried out by the University of the Basque Country analyzes the effects of music on response to radio ads. It finds that not only does the presence of music create an associative link to the brand, but the type of music being played can influence a brand’s impression on the listener.