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The Impact Of Brand Authenticity On Brand Attachment In The Food Industry

This study looks at data collected from a consumer sample in Greece for two established Greek brands in the food industry. It “confirms that brand authenticity predicts the brand attachment, while brand attachment influences consumers purchase intentions, willingness to pay more and promote the brand.”

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Why We Love or Hate Apple and Swiss Army Knives: Study Finds Three Keys to Brand Affinity

This article, originally published on, looks at a recent study from USC Marshall School of Business on the three keys to brand attachment. “Marketers who want to build emotional affinity for their brands, then, need to appeal to consumers on three fronts – enticement, enablement, and enrichment.”

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Going Beyond Brands

Brands no longer aspire to be just brands. Brands want to play in the High Respect, High Love quadrant of the Love/Respect Axis, and to do so they are striving towards being symbols of values and lifestyles that they hope will resonate with their audiences.

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Emotional Brand Attachment and Brand Personality: The Relative Importance of the Actual and the Ideal Self

Brand intimacy can be created and strengthened through understanding the way consumers view themselves. “Creating emotional brand attachment is a key branding issue in today’s marketing world. One way to accomplish this is to match the brand’s personality with the consumer’s self.”

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When Does Brand Matter? An Empirical Examination of the Roles of Attachment Experience and Identity Within Consumer-Brand Relationships

This PhD dissertation from the University of Cincinnati “examines the phenomenon of consumers developing a sense of connection with a brand and compares it with material possession attachment…[Results] suggest that brands matter in predicting the nature of a consumer’s attachment to a particular object.”

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Consumers’ Attachment and Commitment to Brands and Media Titles: The Role of Emotions

This research looks at media titles and advertiser brands to measure the interrelated effects of attachment and emotional commitment. ‘Le Monde’, ‘Elle’, Apple and Ferrari are brands referred to in this study.

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Brand Emotional Connection and Loyalty

This paper in the Journal of Brand Management investigates male and female perceptions towards brand trust and commitment as antecedents of brand love. Three car brands are referred to in this study: Toyota, Ford and Renault.

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Brand Attachment and Brand Attitude Strength: Conceptual and Empirical Differentiation of Two Critical Brand Equity Drivers

A study from the Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California, Imperial College London and Vanderbilt University reveals that traditional measurement of brand attitude strength does not completely explain consumer brand attachment. Rather, what we refer to as ‘Loyalty Beyond Reason’ is a better indicator of consumer behavior.