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Relationship Quality as a Function of Luxury Car Brand Image and Personality

“…The current study focuses on affective commitment. Affective commitment means the degree to which a customer identifies and is personally involved with a luxury car brand…This research’s intended contribution is to explore the effect of luxury car brand image and personality on relationship quality.”

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Strong Brand Recognition, Negative Brand Associations

In June we asked our LinkedIn community to post questions that they may have about Lovemarks and its application as a marketing theory. This week’s post answers the question “For a company with strong Brand recognition, but negative Brand associations, what is the first step to moving towards becoming a Lovemark?”

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The Impact of Storytelling on the Consumer Brand Experience: The Case of a Firm-Originated Story

This study investigates how storytelling affects brand experience. In an experiment, one test group was exposed to a firm’s story and another group was not. Interviews were conducted to assess opinions.

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Women Satisfaction with Cosmetic Brands: The Role of Dissatisfaction and Hedonic Brand Benefits

Do we buy cosmetics because they are useful or because they make us feel good? Research from the University of Basque Country asked women “to evaluate various aspects of their perceptions of the functional and emotional factors of the cosmetics they used.”