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Turn It Up: That’s My Song in That Ad

Popular music in advertising can affect attention, recall, and purchase intention. However, relatively little is known about its effect on attitude when the song in the ad is a favourite song. This study looked at the effect of various and actual integrations of popular music on attitude towards an ad, brand and artist in television commercials.

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Teaching Feature: Jayne Van Dusen, Algonquin College

Q&A with Jayne Van Dusen, Advertising & Marketing Communications Management, Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada.

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The Influences of Verbal Smell References in Radio Advertisements

This paper “explores how verbal smell references in restaurants’ radio advertisements affect consumers’ perceived ability to “almost taste” and “almost smell” the advertised product, affective response, and purchase intentions”.

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How to Create High Emotional Consumer-Brand Relationships? The Causalities of Brand Passion

Research from the University of Mannheim analyzes the antecedents and consequences of brand passion that leads to high emotional consumer-brand relationships.

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The Development and Maintenance of Customer Relationships Through Communication: A Consumer Perspective

This doctoral thesis by Nicholas Paul Thompson investigates the manner in which consumers maintain brand relationships, and the effect that chosen lines of communication (i.e. social networks, word-of-mouth) have on the value of these relationships. Air New Zealand is the brand primarily referred to in this study.

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Emotional Persuasion in Advertising: A Heirarchy-of-Processing Model

Research from the University of Bath’s School of Management “explores the psychology behind the processing of emotion and attention, and presents a ‘hierarchy-of-processing’ model which shows how advertising can influence brand choice without the need for informational persuasion or high attention.”

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Two Emotions Engage Us All

The online world is no longer an option in advertising but a fundamental part of a holistic strategy. A recent study by Teixeira, Wedel and Pieters discovered that the success of online campaigns often comes down to how they make use of two emotions – surprise and joy.

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The Problem with Participation

The participation band wagon rolls on in adland with agencies and clients seeming content to sacrifice effective communications in the name of ‘doing something on Facebook’. So how do you get it right?

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Diesel: XXX Years of Diesel Communication

Kevin Roberts narrates the history of Diesel’s bold approach to communications, and their messages full of humor, irony, and constant reinvention. Diesel: XXX Years of Diesel Communication is a lavishly produced volume featuring the iconic and controversial work of such groundbreaking photographers as David LaChapelle, Erwin Olaf, Ellen von Unwerth and Terry Richardson.

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A History of Advertising

Publicis Groupe is a vital European presence in world advertising and this story outlines the main stages in the process by which the Groupe was formed. A History of Advertising is a beautifully presented book that gives an overview of the creative networks that come under the far-reaching umbrella of the Publicis Groupe and illustrates some of the legendary campaigns that they have produced.

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Social Work: Saatchi & Saatchi’s Cause Related Ideas

For over 30 years the Saatchi & Saatchi network has been at the forefront of cause related issues campaigns. Social Work is a dramatic showcase of some of the Network’s most sensational cause related projects over the years.

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What Do Consumers Do Emotionally with Advertising?

Research undertaken in the 1980s investigated emotions and subconscious thought processes in relation to advertising, but failed to gain widespread uptake. Gordon (2006) revisits this work and finds it is scientifically valid and informative for marketing initiatives.

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Research in Advertising

Kevin Roberts shares his view that many clients use research as a crutch. Instead of making sound judgments, many businesses gather and analyze information when trying to reach a conclusion. This is the wrong approach. As Kevin explains, research needs to be used to generate insight and spark creative thinking about how to engage with consumers emotionally.

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Understanding the Role of Emotion in Advertising

Emotion and memory are intertwined and have a powerful influence on behaviour, both consciously and unconsciously. Percy (2003) shows why it’s crucial for advertisers to consider the importance of emotion-memory connections when creating ads.