Power of Senses in Branding and Its Impact on Consumer

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This paper examines the multi-sensory brand-experience concept, the significance of the multi-sensory brand-experience in differentiating, distinguishing and positioning a brand in the human mind as an image. In this regard, a sight, smell, sound, taste or touch can reinforce a positive feeling, following the experiential logic that generates a certain value to the individual and, in particular, creates a brand image. In the past, most of the companies were using audio-visual stimuli for differentiating their brands from the competitors. Now companies are working hard to achieve some degree of differentiation in their brands from the competitors by using all five senses. Sensory marketing aims at strengthening the relationship between a brand and its consumers on a deeper level through the involvement of the human senses. This study investigates how sensory branding can influence the perception of a brand for the consumer.