Nike ‘Corinthians’

In 2010, Brazilian football team Corinthians turned 100 years old. To pay homage to its more than 30 million fans, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi worked with Nike to establish a country for the team’s fans. The result is Republica Popular do Corinthians, a nation with  more ‘citizens’ than 150 other countries in the world.

To remove any doubts that Republica Popular do Corinthians is actually a country, the nation’s Magna Carta was printed in the main newspaper on the date of the centenary; more than 1 million identity cards were issued in the first month; birth certificates and passports were issued from Embassies in the form of mobile Corinthian stores, and currency was issued that could be used as discount vouchers at the team’s retail outlets. 

The football nation waved their flag high at every football match and the president of Brazil at the time, Lula da Silva, himself a fan of Corinthians, was inaugurated president of the football republic.


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