Music Purchase Behaviour: The Effect of Emotional Loyalty on Intention to Purchase

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This paper explores the influence of emotional loyalty on music purchase behaviour. Specifically, it examines whether emotional attachment to an artist’s music influences loyalty to that artist, and how emotional loyalty influences a consumer’s decision to purchase music. Data collection involved fifteen semi-structured interviews with young (18-30) subjects recruited through non-probability convenience sampling. Findings show that consumers who are emotionally loyal to an artist(s) are more inclined to purchase the music rather than download free of charge.

Lovemarks framing
This paper focuses on the music industry to explore if consumers that ‘love’ a brand (or in this case band/musician) develop an emotional loyalty toward it. In the study, the cutthroat digital music marketplace is used a tough test if musicians inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason that translates into direct purchases. Findings show that the highly emotional nature of music does foster emotional relationships, perhaps highlighting that more emotional advertising could achieve the same effect.