Lovemarks in Action Through Great Customer Service


One of the most immediate ways a company can apply Lovemarks to their business is through customer service. It costs very little to bring the qualities of Respect and Love to your daily interactions, but the benefits have the potential to make a significant impact. It is estimated that UK businesses lose around 12 billion pounds per year in potential revenue due to poor customer service. In a study polling 5,800 consumers in the Asia-Pacific region, 45 percent of people said they would pay a premium for good customer service.

A prime example of how small gestures can make a difference to a brand’s reputation and a customer’s experience is the story of Joshie, the toy giraffe who was inadvertently left at The Ritz-Carlton. You will probably have read the story online (if you haven’t, do read it). Take some time to review problematic issues that your customers may face in their interactions with your brand (in the case of Joshie it was lost property) and think of ways in which you can apply Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create a better experience.