Lovemarks and Contextual Creativity – Part 1

Contextual Creativity (CCR) expands the idea of Content Planning to embrace the belief that expertise on how media is consumed can be a powerful source of big ideas. It can also be a guide along the Lovemarks journey. Lovemarks Campus will release a three part series that provides exercises on the subject of CCR and Lovemarks, with this exercise looking at how Mystery, Intimacy and Sensuality can be applied in different media categories.

What is Contextual Creativity?
CCR involves discovering what consumers love and why. It acknowledges that what the consumer thinks of and about
media is what fundamentally matters – not what the brand thinks and believes. Through CCR, we identify our consumers’ media Lovemarks (these can be channels or properties), and more importantly, find out what makes them so lovable.

Why is this important?
Media Lovemarks cut through the onslaught of messaging that people experience everyday and meets the viewer in the places they love the most – be it in print, on film and television, outdoors or online. Understanding what is so lovable about these properties allows us to identify which emotion it fulfills and informs how to craft our message.

Using Mystery in context unleashes innovative and exciting ways to communicate your stories. Being authentic is a core part of creating Mystery. It creates trust, which leads to feelings of respect and intimacy. It’s about saying the right thing in the right place.

CCR provides insights into how channels and properties touch the consumers’ senses. A critical element of passion touch points is how the channels create opportunities for the audience to interact with the campaign using their senses.

Context helps form the basis of creating passionate committed connections. The power of small gestures and helpful hints depends on how a consumer feels. The correct use of intimacy in media channels generates interaction and participation and immerses the consumer into the brand.


Aim: To reclassify media options based upon ways consumers actually sort, collect and use products.


Download a PDF of this exercise (120Kb)

Review the Media Categories on page 3 . Provide two examples of  each.

Select a brand or use your own brand/product. List one idea of how your brand can utilize each media category.

List the ways your brand or product could explore Mystery, Sensuality or Intimacy in each category by answering three questions:

  1. What do you discover?
  2. What can you see, hear, smell, touch and taste?
  3. How does it make you feel?

A complete example of this exercise is provided on page 4, with a blank template for use available on page 5.