You Like Chocolate and I Love Mrs. Godiva: How the Perceived Level of Anthropomorphism Drives Brand Love

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Abstract: Brand love refers to consumers’ love for certain brands and branded products. Batra, Ahuvia, & Bagozzi (2012) found that brand love predicted the managerial variables of brand loyalty, word-of-mouth and resistance to negative brand information, much better than did conventional attitude based measures. Because brand love has a particularly strong relationship to these managerial variables, finding mechanisms to increase brand love is of managerial interest; and understanding why and how these mechanisms work is of theoretical interest. Not surprisingly, the number of publications studying various aspects of brand love has increased enormously.

In this paper we establish that anthropomorphism has a very strong relationship with brand love. More specifically, we seek to understand which aspects of brand love are most influenced by anthropomorphism. And in so doing, we provide evidence relevant to a major theoretical issue in the anthropomorphism literature; mainly what motivates people to engage in anthropomorphic thinking in the first place?