Keynote Presentations and Lectures

Selection of presentations to academic institutions by Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi. For more presentations, visit

University of Arkansas: Emerging Trends in Retailing: Emotionally Connecting with Shoppers
Kevin Roberts’ keynote on ‘The Power of Emotion’ at the fourteenth annual Emerging Trends in Retailing Conference. Held at the University of Arkansas by the Center for Retailing Excellence within the Sam M. Walton College of Business, the conference theme was ‘Emotionally Connecting With Shoppers’ and focused on the importance of emotionally connecting with shoppers to drive sales and deliver outstanding business results for brands and retailers.
October 8 , 2014, USA

INSEAD: The Role of Business is to Make the World a Better Place for Everyone
Kevin Roberts presented at the INSEAD Essentials Alumni event themed “How to make the world a better place – Through Diversity, Digital and Education” held at the Bernardine College in Paris.
September 12, 2014, France

Georgetown University: Winning the World
Kevin Roberts delivers a presentation to Georgetown University, discussing how to win the world and succeed in the Age of the Idea. Kevin describes 5 key ideas for winning.
February 24, 2014, USA

TEDxNavigli: The Power of Love
At TEDxNavigli, Milan, Kevin Roberts talks about our SuperVUCA world – a world that is vibrant, unreal, crazy and astounding; Lovemarks, and the importance of infusing business and love.
March 20, 2013, Italy

BEST Leadership Academy: When the Going Gets Tough – Winning in the Age of Now
At the BEST Leadership Academy Distinguished Speaker Series in Auckland, New Zealand, Kevin Roberts shares insights, ideas and experiences from his career and lays down the leadership track for sustained winning.
May 3, 2012, New Zealand

University of Cumbria: Dance to the Music
In this presentation to design and illustration students, Kevin Roberts talks about the great importance of creative design solutions and the challenge to create a future that is: Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding.
April 27, 2012, United Kingdom

3rd Internatonal Design PhD Conference: Making Things Happen
Demand for design solutions has never been higher and its importance to the world has never been greater. Kevin provides five ideas on how design will make the world a better place for everyone.
June 30, 2011,  United Kingdom

Communication University of China: From Made in China to Made of China
Addressing students of advertising and communications, Kevin discusses the issues surrounding Brand China and how, by harnessing the power of emotions, they can transport China to Lovemarks.
April 29, 2011, China

University of St Andrews: Making it in Today’s Post Catastrophic World
Kevin shares his ideas on chasing dreams and living a fulfilling life. This speech covers the importance of thinking with the heart, living for ideas and heading to the radically-optimistic edge.
March 12, 2010, Scotland

American University in Dubai: Magic Dance
Kevin shares his thoughts on the role of business and creativity in this new Age of Ideas. As he explains, Dubai is at the crossroads of culture, creativity and commerce so it has the perfect opportunity to get to the future first.
April 16, 2010, United Arab Emirates

Oxford University: Higher Ground
In this address to MBA students at Oxford University, Kevin asks 10 provocative questions to help future business leaders determine how they will negotiate the challenges ahead and “get to the future first”.
December 01, 2008, United Kingdom

Universidad de Palermo: Forever Young
Kevin addresses Argentina’s Universidad de Palermo and explains to students the importance of responsibility, learning, recognition and joy. He also discusses Lovemarks, strategies for weighing conflicting advice and ways of standing out in a crowd.
October 28, 2008, Argentina

Syracuse University: Walk Through the Fire
Kevin takes a look at the concept of brand loyalty, the importance of positive attitudes and the meaning of True Blue. He explains why, as he puts it, these are times for “emotional toughness”.
October 23, 2008, USA

University of Victoria: Step Up to the Plate
In 2008, Kevin delivered the following lecture to the University of Victoria in Canada. In it, he elaborates on the Lovemarks approach, and creates a framework for understanding the economy of the future.
October 10, 2008, Canada

Wharton School of Business: Peak Performance
Before an audience of Wharton business students in 2008, Kevin discusses his belief that ideas are the currency of the future. He also introduces the idea that tomorrow’s business leaders will be connectors, and not managers. The role of business, Roberts explains, is to make the world a better place.
March 27, 2008, USA

Universidad Peruana de Ciencao Aplicadas: Walk Through the Fire
In this lecture from 2007 at Universidad Peruana de Ciencao Aplicadas in Peru, Kevin discusses five strategies for becoming a “creative connector”. According to him, the future of business will depend on making emotional connections with consumers. It will be the job of tomorrow’s business leaders to forge these connections through creativity.
November 13, 2007, Peru

IAA/Florida International University Summit: Love Explosion
Before an audience of media professionals at the IAA/Florida International University Summit, Kevin discusses Lovemarks, sisomo and the rise of the Attraction Economy.
September 15, 2006, USA

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica: Tribal Fusion
In a presentation to Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, Kevin explains how technology, competition and choice are reshaping the business world — and what business professionals need to do to adapt.
July 14, 2006, Costa Rica

New York University: Fatal Attraction
In this presentation which Kevin delivered at New York University in 2006, the focus is on the shift from an Attention Economy to an Attraction Economy. He explains how, in an Attraction Economy, success depends on making emotional connections, not just on capturing attention.
April 17, 2006, USA

Beijing University: Hero
Kevin explains how China’s mix of Wisdom, Mystery and Spirituality creates a unique marketing opportunity for a new Brand China. He also explains the many crucial roles the inspiration plays in achieving peak performance.
April 20, 2005, China

University of Copenhagen: Blaze of Glory
This address to MBA students at the University of Copenhagen focuses on the important role that innovation, sensuality and storytelling play in today’s business environment.
April 24, 2006, Denmark

Tuck School of Business: Emotion in Motion
Kevin speaks to MBAs from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of  Business and shares his 10 fast tracks to success, including: think with your heart, look beyond brands, dance with Einstein, start a family, head to the Edge and unleash paradox.
November 2, 2004, USA

University of Limerick: You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet!
Kevin talks to students and staff at the University of Limerick about the value of education and how sustainable enterprises bring communities, regions and countries to new life by creating an environment where everyone can realise their potential.
February 23, 2004, Ireland

University of Waikato: Spirit Dance
This is the first of two addresses Kevin gave to the Waikato Management School Sustainable Enterprise Symposium in November 2003. It focuses on Saatchi & Saatchi’s core belief that Nothing is Impossible.
November 4, 2003, New Zealand

University of Waikato: Edge of the World
In this second address to the Waikato Management School, Kevin discusses business as the engine of human progress. As puts it, business is a “gladiatorial career choice.”
November 3, 2003, New Zealand

Tuck School of Business: Freedom Train
As Kevin sees it, smart executives have a new job – turning their organization into a Lovemark. He provides a Saatchi & Saatchi case-study on transformative leadership, and uses it to explore immense power of language and storytelling.
August 4, 2003, USA

Judge Business School: Brand New Day
An address to the Women in Business Inaugural Conference, Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge. Kevin explains how business makes the world a better place by, among other things, creating self-esteem through jobs, choices, opportunities and challenges.
June 11, 2003, United Kingdom

World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR): Stop! In the Name of Love
In this speech, Kevin explains how business has moved from the clichés of consumer focus to the realities of consumer commitment. We must develop ways to measure important human emotions like love, empathy and loyalty.
September 24, 2002, Spain

Stanford Graduate University School of Business: Bold as Love
Kevin shares his insights from having worked with some of the most creative people in the world. Business today, he explains, is not just about management and doing things right. And it’s not just about leadership and doing the right things. It’s about inspiration.
April 22, 2002, USA