Infusing Single-Serve Cup Coffee With the Three Secrets

In the US alone, consumers purchased more than $4.5bn worth of coffee through retail outlets in 2011. This reflects a 19% increase from the previous year according to market research company SymphonyIRI Group. Ground coffee ranks as the most popular retail coffee product bought off the shelf, followed by single-cup servings, instant coffee and whole beans.

Single-cup serving accounts for more than 8% of the global coffee market and will prove to be more than a trend as consumers continue to want the luxury of a quality brew with the convenience of a touch of a button. As issues of sustainability and waste are being resolved, and the variety and availability of coffee pods (or pads) become more accessible, demand is sure to grow. “Over the last 10 years, the growth of the single-cup pod coffee market has been phenomenal. The category provides variety, customization and good-tasting products that hit consumers where they are,” says Michael C. Bellas, chairman and chief executive of Beverage Marketing.

Advertising for single-cup serving products and machines now go beyond traditional print and television and involve digital and interactive components to create integrated campaigns. Whatever the medium, Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy remain the three key factors to convey priceless value in a market where differentiation is imperative. Here are some examples of brands putting these qualities into action.


Nespresso launched TV campaign in April and aims to create an ambience through visuals to denote luxury and quality. Bringing Old World style and sophistication, and then revealing through Mystery that the quality can be given through the product machine. Not only mentioning their retail store and demonstrations.


Dougwe Egberts used music and storytelling to promote their Senseo single-cup serving system and connect with their audience. Two of the most iconic and diverse singers in the Netherlands were brought to record a duet together, and the song was used in the Senseo TVC, and played on radio and television music shows. Consumers were also encouraged to virtually record their own duet via webcam to win prizes.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Keurig K-cups ‘Cup of the Day’ campaign speaks to the consumer on a personal level, recognizing her individuality and reasons behind his daily cup of coffee. The result is an emotional connection based on empathy that lets the drinker feel like Keurig truly understands.