Forms of Storytelling


Storytelling has been long known to be an effective tool to engage and connect with people. It helps brands convey their stories to an audience and makes it easier for consumers to recognize, recall and differentiate one brand from another. The power of stories also has the ability to create the feeling of bonds of community and intimacy.

Through the years, the methods used in storytelling have progressed from basic oral and written forms, to narratives on screen, to immersive experiences over multiple devices – as we are experiencing in the Age of Now. To give you a sense of some innovative approaches in storytelling, here is a selection used by brands in different markets to extend the reach, participation and emotional connection they have with consumers.

Automotive Sales
Z. Szymanski, Internet Manager for Monhegan Lake Audi in New York, interweaves short stories into ads for pre-owned Audi’s the dealership is selling.

Doritos in Brazil has launches a collaborative storytelling competition on Facebook in which “fans will create the start of a story and then turn to their selected friends to tell the rest.” The best story will be transformed into an animated video.

Luxury brand LVMH opens some of their most exclusive heritage sites (including workshops, boutiques and vineyards) to the public for a behind-the-scenes look at the brand’s time-honored workmanship and tradition.

The app for Björk’s latest album, Biophilia, integrates music with stories in the form of narrative, images and games.

Ever wanted more out of the back of a receipt than coupons you never use? In an exercise for Icon magazine, BERG London turns the everyday receipt into a paper ‘app’ that can dispense data and news of interest.

Retail – Beverage
Diageo’s Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai allows Chinese visitors to learn about the whisky-making process and enables the brand to share the story of its history through interactive installations.

Retail – Shoes
Sneakerology, a specialist footwear retail store in Sydney, Australia, imparts background stories of its merchandise using touchscreen displays.