Exploring the Role of Emotions on Sport Consumers’ Behavioral and Cognitive Responses to Marketing Stimuli

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Sport provides a unique opportunity to explore how emotions operate in people. However, the prevailing sport consumer behavior research has focused on emotion as an outcome variable and little research has examined the motivational function of such transitory emotional states on subsequent behavior and cognitive processing. The purpose of this research is to investigate the approach/avoidance characteristics of emotion in a spectator sport setting. We manipulated participants’ emotional state by using a fictitious publicity about their favorite team and examined its effect on behavioral and cognitive responses to marketing stimuli. Study 1 examined the effect of message-induced emotion on participants’ acceptance of a promotional item. In an effort to identify the underlying mechanism of the stimulus-behavior link, Study 2 investigated whether such message-induced emotions influenced brand-related product evaluation. Findings suggest that emotions elicited from a single exposure to a written communication acted as a crucial motivator of information processing and behavior.