Consumer Behavior: How the “Brand Love” Affects You

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The use of the construct “Brand Love” is relatively recent in explaining consumer behavior. However it is pertinent to think that a stronger consumer connection with a brand influences their behavior, particularly in terms of loyalty and willingness to pay a higher price for their “Brand Love”.

In this sense this paper aims to examine how the antecedents of “Brand Love”, brand identification and sense of community influence loyal behavior and willingness to pay a higher price for “Brand Love”. We used structural equation modeling to analyze data collected for two clothing brands commercialized in Portugal: Zara and Modalfa. Data collection was done through a survey with a structured questionnaire for each of the brands. The results show that for the Portuguese consumers the brand Zara is considered a preferred brand and as such consumers appear to be loyal and willing to pay a higher price compared to those practiced by the brand Modalfa.