Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some interesting academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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NYU’s Executive MBAs Visit Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi

A group of more than 60 executives from various disciplines visited Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina, as part of the Executive MBA program at the New York Stern School of Business.

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This Is Why You Fall in Love With Brands

Hans Villarica from ‘The Atlantic’ interviews Susan Fournier, Associate Professor in Marketing and Dean’s Research Fellow at Boston University, on her seminal research on brand relationship theory and why it’s not just a metaphor.

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Nostalgic Brands As Mood Boosters

“Why form consumers purchase intentions for nostalgic brands, and what individuals are likely to do so?…Using the dispositional theory of moods, this research tests the notion that nostalgic brands relate to mood boosts as major drivers of behavioral intentions.”

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The Impact of Storytelling on the Consumer Brand Experience: The Case of a Firm-Originated Story

This study investigates how storytelling affects brand experience. In an experiment, one test group was exposed to a firm’s story and another group was not. Interviews were conducted to assess opinions.

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Sensory Cues and Shoppers’ Touching Behaviour: The Case of IKEA

This study explores the relationship between visual and olfactory cues within a retail environment through a field experiment conducted within the glass department of IKEA. Shoppers’ touching behaviour, purchase intentions and total sale are impacted.

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United Way ‘I Love You, I Hit You’

Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico, used graffiti to raise awareness around issues of domestic abuse for United Way. In the period immediately after the launch 1,900 people requested help directly.

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An Arousal Regulation Explanation of Mood Effects on Consumer Choice

Experiments using scents and music were used in a study to determine the effects of people’s mood states on product preference. The authors “found that in addition to regulating mood (positive or negative), consumers also make choices that are consistent with regulating their level of arousal.”

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Kevin Roberts: The Power of Lovemarks

Kevin Roberts speaks to WOBI (World of Business Ideas) about what makes a brand irresistible and the necessity of brands becoming Lovemarks in today’s society if they are to succeed.

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Atmospheres of Seduction: A Critique of Aesthetic Marketing Practices

This article applies the theory of Gernot Böhme that labels aesthetics as the science of sensory perception to marketing practice. “The theoretical background is applied to a Starbucks coffee shop as an example for a seductive consumption atmosphere to make evident issues of aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic manipulation.”

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Brand Emotional Connection and Loyalty

This paper in the Journal of Brand Management investigates male and female perceptions towards brand trust and commitment as antecedents of brand love. Three car brands are referred to in this study: Toyota, Ford and Renault.

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The Art of Intimacy

An intimate connection occurs when a brand speaks to your values and seems to understand what’s important to you. Here is a brainstorming exercise that reveals ways in which brands can build Intimacy with the people who use their products.

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The Eyes Have It: How a Car’s Face Influences Consumer Categorization and Evaluation of Product Line Extensions

Many consumers think cars have ‘faces’. The positioning of the lights (eyes) and grille (mouth) give each model a distinct personality that influences a buyers’ and owners’ opinion, and determines preference for certain models. This paper explores consumer reactions when line extensions of automobiles become too visually similar.

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The Implications of Different Types of Relationships Between Consumers and Brands

This paper highlights the implications for brand managers of intimate consumer-brand relationships, and explores the effects of different types of relationships on consumers’ satisfaction levels.

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Consumer–Retailer Love and Attachment: Antecedents and Personality Moderators

This paper “investigates feelings of attachment and love through two empirical consumer studies of two different grocery retailer brands.” The findings imply that image, value and social responsibility affect love-levels.

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Objective Measures of Emotion Related to Brand Attitude: A New Way to Quantify Emotion-Related Aspects Relevant to Marketing

This study from the University of Newcastle, Australia, tests – using neurological scanning – “the hypothesis that individual like and dislike as occurring in relation to brand attitude can be objectively assessed”.