Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some interesting academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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The Sweet Smell of Success: Olfaction in Retailing

This paper published in the ‘Journal of Marketing Management’ investigates the mediating factors that shape the emotional responses that occur as a result of ambient scent within retail environments.

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When Does Brand Matter? An Empirical Examination of the Roles of Attachment Experience and Identity Within Consumer-Brand Relationships

This PhD dissertation from the University of Cincinnati “examines the phenomenon of consumers developing a sense of connection with a brand and compares it with material possession attachment…[Results] suggest that brands matter in predicting the nature of a consumer’s attachment to a particular object.”

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Brand Romance: A Complementary Approach to Explain Emotional Attachment Towards Brands

This study “seeks to identify brand romance – a more proximal construct to brand loyalty and aims to offer a complementary perspective to understand emotional attachment to brands.”

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Brand Loyalty in the U.K. Sportswear Market

This study critiques the claim that Lovemarks like Nike do not score much higher in terms of brand loyalty compared to smaller brands due to the polygamous loyalty of buyers.

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The Impact of Love and Quality on Brand Satisfaction and Intentions

A thesis from the College of Management, Israel, examines the Lovemarks model in relation to perception of quality and satisfaction. This study focuses on the soft drink category.

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Heart Strings and Purse Strings

This paper takes a look at the affect that carryover emotions have on economic decisions and how emotions of the same valence can have counter effects during the buying process.

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Sensory Marketing: The Multi-Sensory Brand-Experience Concept

This research paper from Kalmar University, Sweden, proposes a sensory marketing model based on the concept of discovery and the relationship between the human mind and our senses.

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When It Comes to Brands, Anything is Possible

Everything that Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi do is based on the Path to Love, and it has the results to show for it. Alex Diaz from Caribbean Business looks at how the Puerto Rico agency gets to the heart of the consumer.

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Scenting Movie Theatre Commercials: The Impact of Scent and Pictures on Brand Evaluations and Ad Recall

Can introducing the sense of smell to cinema advertising improve advertising recall? “Although both pictorial and olfactory cues enhance brand evaluations and ad recall overall, we find that olfactory (vs pictorial) cues generate more positive feelings toward the brand and enhance recall to a greater extent.”

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Consumer-Retailer Emotional Attachment: Some Antecedents and the Moderating Role of Attachment Anxiety

This study investigates the creation of consumer loyalty through the development of affectionate bonds in the context of grocery store retailing. Consumers’ self-enrichment, self-gratification and self-enablement were found to likely influence emotional attachment.

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Store-Evoked Affect, Personalities, and Consumer Emotional Attachments to Brands

“This research examines how store-evoked affect, human personality, and brand personality influence consumers’ emotional attachments to brands.” Field studies are conducted in a wine tasting room and juice bar to measure the effects of store-evoked pleasure on brand attachment, brand loyalty and willing to pay a price premium.

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In Good and Bad Times: The Interpersonal Nature of Brand Love in Service Relationships

In this paper from the Journal of Services Marketing, a between-subjects experiment is set up to examine the influence of interpersonal antecedents on brand love in service delivery settings.

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Multi-Sensory Sculpting (MSS): Eliciting Embodied Brand Knowledge via Multi-Sensory Metaphors

The opinions we have about brands are developed through conscious and un-conscious experiences. This study looks at how a method called multi-sensory sculpting (MSS) can be used to retrieve brand knowledge.

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The Effect of Online Store Atmosphere on Consumer’s Emotional Responses – An Experimental Study of Music and Colour

We know that appealing to the senses in-store affects consumer response. But what happens when a person shops online? This study “explores the impact of two environmental elements – music and colour – of an online store on the consumers’ emotions”.

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Consumers’ Attachment and Commitment to Brands and Media Titles: The Role of Emotions

This research looks at media titles and advertiser brands to measure the interrelated effects of attachment and emotional commitment. ‘Le Monde’, ‘Elle’, Apple and Ferrari are brands referred to in this study.