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This is a compendium of recent news coverage that relates to the ideas of Lovemarks, emotional marketing, the Participation Economy and consumer behavior.

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Fast Company

How Do I Love Thee?

A report on the premise and research methodology undertaken by Saatchi & Saatchi and QiQ International Limited on how to quantify the emotional power of brands. An estimated 800 surveys were conducted across four product categories to measure how a brand’s position on the Love/Respect Axis affects frequency of use and buying intention.

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Women's Wear Daily

Fashion RX: Emotional Rescue

Womens Wear Daily reviews ‘Lovemarks: the Future Beyond Brands’ (powerHouse, 2005) and discusses the notion that consumers identify with brands largely through emotion. An interview with the book’s author, Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, explores the challenges brands face in distinguishing themselves in the competitive arena of fashion and beauty advertising.

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The Times

Love is All You Need, Says Head of Saatchi

A discussion with Raymond Snoddy about consumers, the future beyond branding and whether The Times newspaper has enough emotional appeal to be a Lovemark. “Brands are dead… they’ve run out of juice.” Roberts also notes what he thinks Lexus should do to be intimate with their customers.

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The Brief

Lovemarks: Loving Brand

An interview with Kevin Roberts on Lovemarks, a philosophy that approaches brands and products, with the conviction that emotions are pivotal to human and consumer behaviour. (Polish with English translation)

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KPMG Magazine

The Business of Love

Love steps inside the French and German pages of KPMG Switzerland’s Spring 2003 ‘Inspiration’ edition of Clarity. Kevin Roberts talks about how business is about relationships, not transactions. That Love can’t be faked or half-baked, and that we need to challenge people to aim for peak performance.

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Financial Times

A Little Bit of TLC…and a Lot of P&G

A look at Procter & Gamble’s journey towards building emotional connections with consumers and the development of brand loyalty. A critique of Saatchi & Saatchi as a global ideas agency which can’t quite escape the suggestion Roberts is on the right track. “We have to bring back love and emotion and not be put off by you pricks in the media.”

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A New Sun is Rising

BVA Academy Master class students in Utrecht, near Amsterdam, discover how to “transform management with inspiration, and engage both head and heart”. (In Dutch)

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Ad News

Falling in Lovemark

A look at how business is reacting to the highest emotion – Love. Kevin Roberts talks about building your brand to a Lovemark, losing your Lovemark status, and instant success stories such as Red Bull. It’s about “more use of music, more use of humour, more use of things that ask questions…”

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Media & Marketing Europe

Running on Empty

Kevin Roberts gives five reasons brands have run out of juice and five ideas on how to pump life back into them. Go local, pursue failure, go for Love – if you can’t say the L-word you’re a dinosaur. “The human species is heart-driven. Darwin would have got it straight off. Monkey to man. Respect to love.”

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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

All about the L-word and how to mix it with business. Jack Welch of General Electric uses it, Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines does too. So why are businesses so afraid of Love?

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Love That Brand

Over trademarks and don’t trust trustmarks? Go for the Lovemark. This article looks at the prescription for ailing brands. Kevin Roberts “contends brands need to do much more to engage streetwise consumers. Companies have got to get people to love their brands, not just like them, if they want unwavering patronage.”

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Transactions to Relationships

Q&A with Kevin Roberts on the prognosis for brands and brand management, and what brands need to do to make the transition from transactions to relationships. “If you want to stay in the game, then, respect is no longer sufficient. In this age of relationships, you must take your brand into the territory of the emotions. Brands must invite loyalty and invoke a sense of ownership.”

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Ad News

Saatchi’s Labour of Love

An article focussing on the transition from trademark to trustmark to Lovemark. Consumers are suffering from an information overload – now it’s about relationships. “CEOs have got to answer the question, do you want your brand to be loved or respected?”

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Australian Financial Review

Who Loves You Baby – Kevin Does, Grrr

An explanation of the genesis of Lovemarks, and the implications for the future of brands. A Lovemark irrevocably binds you with the desires and aspirations of your customers, your members, your believers. It’s the emotional connection that lets you go out and conquer the world.”

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Will Concorde’s Brand Ever Fly So High Again?

A look at the Concorde brand and what it will take to return to its previous status as a Lovemark. Concorde is an unsurpassed product according to Kevin Roberts. “We forgive Concorde, just as we forgive our loved ones, because our relationship is based on trust, respect, give and take, and, of course, desire.”