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This is a compendium of recent news coverage that relates to the ideas of Lovemarks, emotional marketing, the Participation Economy and consumer behavior.

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The Consumer is Boss (and She’s a She!)

2006 was a year when ones and zeros blowtorched the old production and distribution model into antiquity. The Consumer is Boss and if you’re not connecting with her you’re already her ex-lover. Women are now thought to control up to 80% of every consumer dollar spent. Branding is becoming about personalization, bonding with consumers, but only in the right way.

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National Post

Lovemark Thinking

An interview with Kevin Roberts in the National Post discussing the challenge of creating advertising that inspires Loyalty Beyond Reason. In other words, make the consumer fall in love. “Advertising’s never been more fun…We live in the Age of the Idea…Mass marketing is dead. Creativity rules!”

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Fast Company

Fast talk

The dominant interface of the future is the screen. When in front of a screen, people have the choice to either lean back or lean forward. You have to engage people emotionally so they can lean in and get involved. “The promise shouldn’t change. What should change is the context and the way it is handled [for different mediums].”

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Women's Wear Daily

Powering Brands with Emotion

Lisa Lockwood from Women’s Wear Daily looks at turning fashion labels into Lovemarks. The future of fashion is in Irresistibility. Kevin Roberts says it’s not about giving consumers what they want, it’s about giving them what they never dreamed possible. “Diesel is a Lovemark, and Wrangler is just another pair of jeans.”

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Design Emotion

Getting Emotional with Kevin Roberts

Marco van Hout gets intimate in a personal interview with Kevin Roberts, looking at the qualities of emotional design, and few Lovemark secrets. Reason leads to conclusion, emotions lead to action. Consumers are looking for relationships – not transactions. The end of globalisation is upon us!

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Love at First Sight

Emotion vs. reason: the pre-eminence of function and efficiency is over. Today we want to be guided by the heart, to reconcile reason and sentiment, to make space for the senses and to live better. Objects/brands with fatal attraction have attributes that elude rationality. (Italian with English translation)

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de Volksrant

Consumer is Boss

“A brand has to move you.” The role of Lovemarks in the new Consumer Republic, where consumers are boss and companies would do well to listen. Roberts also discusses how supermarkets are not reaching their full customer relation capacity. (German with English translation)

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The Drinks Business

All You Need is Love

The challenge for the wine industry is for vintners to sell dreams instead of prices – emotion is the key to making a mark in viniculture. Kevin Roberts believes the wine industry is full of middle players. There is room for many brands, but they need to connect with customer desire – commodity marketing is not the way forward.

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Love – The Highest Call

A discussion with Style magazine about staying open to love, falling in love with ideas, following your heart, and pursuing failure. Above all, stay open to love. Once you accept the power of love, a whole heap of stuff drops neatly into place, or right out of the picture all together.

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Critical Eye

The Law of Love

An exploration at how business can be transformed by emotion and new ideas. Success depends on inspiration – and, at its best, inspiration is about love. Great products and ideas need ideas, imagination, intuition, insight, enchantment, emotion, empathy and excitement.

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A Love Affair to Make the World a Better Place

Croatian magazine Epoha takes a look at the realization behind Lovemarks – that long-term emotional relationships are key to creating value and benefits for everyone. Brands like Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presely, Campbell’s soup, and Coca-Cola remain great icons due to their ability to connect on an emotional level that goes beyond reason. (Croatian with English translation)

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How Deep is Your Love?

A debate with industry players about the idealism of love in business. Should branding strategists really be attempting to evoke our deepest human emotions? The panel consists of Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi; Johnnie Moore, co-author of ‘Beyond Branding’; and Gail Anderson, Head of Faculty of Digital Media Studies at the Design and Arts College of New Zealand.

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Financial Times

Whither the Big Brand

Consumers have taken charge of their own destiny, and the fashion industry needs to re-establish emotional connections with them. The challenge for fashion labels is to develop connections with consumers through a variety of channels – not only advertising or design.

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Financial Times

Love in the Desert

Commentary on how global brands in the Middle East can develop greater social connections to earn the Love and Respect of their consumers. “At the core of a great brand, local or global, lies a human truth – which shouldn’t be lost”, says Kevin Roberts. “The first challenge is to identify it, the second to connect with this truth in a local context.”

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All You Need is Love

A discussion with David Hershkovits, from the New York magazine, Paper, about brands, education, and the power of relationships over transactions. People are demanding a new kind of authenticity and transparency from corporations, which means that brands that have the strongest emotional bonds with their consumers will obtain Loyalty Beyond Reason.