Exercises & Workshops

Here you’ll find exercises that will help you think more clearly about the process by which a brand becomes a Lovemark. These are also useful tools for generating ideas for creating Lovemarks of your own.

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The Art of Intimacy

An intimate connection occurs when a brand speaks to your values and seems to understand what’s important to you. Here is a brainstorming exercise that reveals ways in which brands can build Intimacy with the people who use their products.

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Lovemarks and Contextual Creativity – Part 1

Contextual Creativity (CCR) expands the idea of Content Planning to embrace the belief that expertise on how media is consumed can be a powerful source of big ideas. Lovemarks Campus will release a three part series that provides exercises on the subject, with this exercise looking at how Mystery, Intimacy and Sensuality can be applied in different media categories.

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Shape Shifter

The gift of empathy is given to those who can shift the way they think in profound and meaningful ways. Shopping is ideal for a rapid empathy workout. It’s something we all have to do. We do it in our own very personal style according to our own goals. How we shop reflects who we are.

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The Beat Goes On

The strong synergy between music and beverage brands has led to an increase in the number of advertising initiatives that incorporate the two sectors. Here is a brainstorming exercise that reveals the individual audio identities of brands and encourages the development of campaign ideas based on insights uncovered.

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The Magic of Mystery

Think about Tiffany & Co. jewelry boxes or Moleskine notebooks. These products may be disparate in category, use and meaning, but you’ll find an element of Mystery in each of them. How do they make the consumer feel? Here is a brainstorming exercise that aims to bring a touch of Mystery to products.

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Postcards from the Road

Like in all great journeys, this exercise is about storytelling. By describing where a brand is in its journey towards being Irresistible by writing it in the form of a postcard, new perspectives can be gained on where the brand has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

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Creating a Theatre of Dreams

How do you activate the drama of a retail brand where it matters and turn shoppers into buyers? How do you compete in a tough industry that requires innovation, creativity and strong value proposition? This exercise will help you discover practical ways in which Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy can be applied to the retail environment.

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Creating Emotional Connections on Screen

In the Age of Now, understanding the combination of Sight, Sound and Motion can help create emotional connections with consumers. Often, the most passionate consumers are also creators, eager to tell their own stories online, making videos for sites like YouTube with their own simple equipment.

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Unveiling Insights On Lovemarks.com

All successful brands and companies aspire to engage in deeper conversations with consumers. In this exercise we show you how to generate insights from the consumer stories you’ll find on Lovemarks.com – a platform dedicated to the truth consumers gladly offer freely every day.

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Taste Merchants

Of all the Lovemarks elements, taste is the one people find most specific and difficult to work with. Taste can be a great stimulus to creative ideas because of this difficulty. Once the surprising connection is made between a Lovemark and the flavor it could inspire, the sensory pull is enormous. This exercise aims to show participants how they can use taste as a tool to move brands closer towards Lovemark territory.