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Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most revealing academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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Memory, Emotions and Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Influence of Music in Advertising, on Brand and Endorser Perception

A study carried out by the University of the Basque Country analyzes the effects of music on response to radio ads. It finds that not only does the presence of music create an associative link to the brand, but the type of music being played can influence a brand’s impression on the listener.

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Ventromedial Frontal Lobe Damage Disrupts Value Maximization in Humans

Neuroeconomic researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have used fMRI techniques to identify a specific part of the brain, the ventromedial frontal lobe (VMF), as responsible for making decisions involving value.

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Emotion Specificity and Consumer Behavior: Anger, Sadness, and Preference for Activity

Can anger make us choose a hiking trip vacation? Derek Rucker (Kellogg School of Management, marketing department) and Richard Petty (Ohio State University, psychology department) examine the influence of specific emotions on consumer choices and the implications of those influences for persuasion.

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Exploring the Role of Emotions on Sport Consumers’ Behavioral and Cognitive Responses to Marketing Stimuli

This study, soon to be published in the ‘European Sport Management Quarterly’, investigates how emotions affect purchasing decisions and brand product evaluation, particularly when it comes to team related merchandise.

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Falling in Love 2.0: Relationship Marketing for the Facebook Generation

The social media landscape demands new rules for successful brand-consumer relationships. “Only by earning the trust of their friends will brands get recommended by those friends, and only by investing time and energy in listening and building that relationship will there be a loving relationship to enjoy.”

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Spokes-Characters: Creating Character Trust and Positive Brand Attitudes

This study is the first “empirical examination of the relationship between specific spokes-character features and brand attitude.” Results showed that brands with spokes-characters were thought of more favorably by potentially new consumers, and were seen as more trustworthy.

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Improving the Store Environment: Do Olfactory Cues Affect Evaluations and Behaviors?

The authors of this study published in the Journal of Marketing “investigate whether the presence of an inoffensive ambient scent versus no scent affects evaluations of and approach/avoidance behaviors in a retail environment.”

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Can Brands Make Us Happy? A Research Framework for the Study of Brands and Their Effects on Happiness

Brands permeate consumer culture. Yet, despite their ubiquitous presence, one of the societally most relevant and fundamental questions of brand existence remains among the most difficult to capture: Can brands make us happy?

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How to Create High Emotional Consumer-Brand Relationships? The Causalities of Brand Passion

Research from the University of Mannheim analyzes the antecedents and consequences of brand passion that leads to high emotional consumer-brand relationships.

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Emotional Persuasion in Advertising: A Heirarchy-of-Processing Model

Research from the University of Bath’s School of Management “explores the psychology behind the processing of emotion and attention, and presents a ‘hierarchy-of-processing’ model which shows how advertising can influence brand choice without the need for informational persuasion or high attention.”

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Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in Throes of Material Possession Love

This study empirically tests the love that consumers feel for the things they own and finds that people nurture their beloved possessions by purchasing complementary products and services. It also argues that increased love for products would lead to more sustainable behavior.

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Falling in Love with a Product: The Structure of a Romantic Consumer-Product Relationship

A study carried out by the University of Central Florida interviewed a group of male bikers and found that the type of love they felt for their motorcycles closely resembled an interpersonal love – it was passionate, possessive and selfless.

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The Emotional Shopper: Why Understanding How Your Consumers are Feeling Can Improve Business Effects

A pilot study carried out in the United Kingdom that investigates the emotional journey that shoppers experience in-store. It discusses triggers within the retail environment that cause specific feelings like surprise, fear and contempt.

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Effects of Advertising Strategy on Consumer-based Relationships: A Brand Love Perspective

This study examines the effects of rational and emotional advertising strategy on the creation of brand love. It examines how different advertising approaches lead to distinct results for utilitarian and hedonic value based products.

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Kate Loves Topshop: Celebrity Endorsements and the Lovemarks Concept in a Fashion Retail Context

Is Kate Moss a Lovemark? Does celebrity endorsement affect consumer love for a retail brand? According to this presentation from the University of Huddersfield, Lovemarks can be used as a tool to identify salient emotions that people feel for both brand and endorser.